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Arvind Kejriwal approached for Hate Story-4

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Since the inception of the Hate Story series, it has always appealed a certain section of audience. People have a certain kind of expectation from the series. But at this stage, it has to expand its fan base to survive in the industry & to get promoted to 100cr club. As per the producers, there is a lot of competition in the industry. With the introduction of several bold beauties, the series is losing its uniqueness. People think why should they spend their money on this series for a few songs when they have other options in the similar category like Mastizaade & Kya Kool Hai hum-3 etc.

Recently there is a talk in B-Town that a famous politician has been approached for Hate Story-4. As per our reports, Producers of the series (Ashutosh, Vishal & Ashish – not the usual suspects) were having a detailed discussion on the future of Hate Story. During the discussion, Vishal suggested to approach – hold your breath – Mr. Arvind Kejriwal.

Initially, everybody was spellbound at this outrageous suggestion and looked at Vishal again to confirm that he is not Vishal Dadlani. Looking at the numb faces, Vishal spoke again to justify his casting choice. As per our trusted source Ankit (not from IIT), Vishal elaborated, “See friends, we need to move away from the usual storyline and surprise the audience. We need to skip the skin show and get a revengeful common man’s face to reach wider audience base. Let me give you some points in favor of Mr. Kejriwal then you decide whether you have a better choice than him”

1. Mr. Kejriwal is a movie buff & he already understands how movies work. Every Friday even the biggest movie reviewers wait for M. Kejriwal’s verdict before publishing their ratings. KRK is reportedly miffed with his reviews as the “entertainment” he used to provide in 15-20 minutes video is now available on Twitter in just 140 characters. And the other reviewers are just afraid to defy Mr. Kejriwal otherwise they fear to face another press conference where their alleged inflated box office numbers & ratings will be exposed.

2. Detractors of Mr. Kejriwal call him, “Drama queen”. Though many of his supporters vehemently deny that but most of them accept in private that Mr. Kejriwal certainly is a good actor. For example, during the agitation on farmers’ issue on Land bill, Mr. Kejriwal with his skills convinced many people that he could not predict the unfortunate incident so he could not stop it.

3. Now let me elaborate the Hate part. Since last few days it was evident from his (abusive) tweets for Mr. Modi or even Mr. Gandhi and also from the leaked phone calls, where he described what he aspires to do with Mr. Yogendra Yadav & Mr. Prashant Bhushan. There are lot many examples where hatred on his face was eviden for CBI & many other leaders. And looking at his credentials, if we cast Mr. Kejriwal then we can easily get Anurag Kashyap on board.

4. Through Mr. Kejriwal, we can convey a sense of unpredictability. He can convincingly take U-Turns in the movie whenever he wants, with conviction. So, we don’t need to explicitly cast a protagonist & an antagonist. Mr. Kejriwal can play both the roles convincingly. I think, we have many such examples like changing his stand on Lalu ji & Sheila ji etc. to substantiate this theory.

5. We can easily get Vishal Dadlani & Kumar Vishvas as our Music Director & Lyricist respectively without any effort or money. The locations in Delhi will be easily available and can also request Mr. Kejriwal to get an exemption from Odd Even rule for the crew.

6. And last but the least – Publicity. Mr. Kejriwal has a dedicated fan base, at least in the virtual world. We don’t have to a hire a separate PR team to trend on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. Think about the excellent free publicity. Also later on, the money saved, can be used to pull the crowd to theatre by gifting them Topi & Jhadu (that can appeal both AAP & Swacch Bharat supporters). Casting Kejriwal will, not only pull AAP supporters to theatres but the detractors also, so that they can watch, praise, criticize, make fun– basically publicize it more.

The other two producers (Ashutosh & Ashish) then looked convinced & applauded Vishal for his creative thinking. They have now decided to approach Mr. Kejriwal for the role and then decide the storyline, rest of the cast etc. as per Mr. Kejriwal’s suggestions (read permission). Tune in to this space later for more updates.

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