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Reforms by Modi govt must show its effect on ground and soon enough

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Krishna Anand
Entrepreneur. Manufacture Woman's Fashion for British brands. British Uni Product. Manchester United Fanatic. Apple Slut. Maria Sharapova Addict. Coffee Lover.

When India elected PM Modi to govern in May 2014, most Indians including me who had voted for him had a renewed sense of vigour and energy. Good times are here was the literal translation of Ache Din, and there was no reason to doubt that.

The only drawback was the strained media relation with the BJP. That most news media disliked them was known, and expected given most editors flourished through the congress years and thus owed them a subconscious allegiance. Could PM Modi mend bridges and showcase his work through the media? What do the past 18 months tell us?

They tell us a lot.

Firstly, we can’t deny there’s been rabble rousers determined to off track the development agenda. But we can’t deny either that they have become the media’s favourite source for a bite irrespective of their knowledge on the subject. There’s no news on corruption, so let’s attack the government on religious tolerance seems to be the buzz word.

This is now having an effect on the development agenda. There’s a lot happening behind the scenes as evident from the various schemes that include Make in India, Jan Dhan Yojna and others. But these will only bear fruit years from now. What till then?

PM Modi can not allow the media to dictate the daily discourse and must ensure enough is done in the interim to satisfy the millions who voted for him, for they could soon be disillusioned by the biased story line. We must see reform on the ground and soon. People need to see change in their daily lives or else results like Bihar could become a norm?


The bottom line is, the effort is being put in, but might not be highlighted. It’s now up to the Government to ensure the right signals are sent and the right issues discussed.

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Krishna Anand
Entrepreneur. Manufacture Woman's Fashion for British brands. British Uni Product. Manchester United Fanatic. Apple Slut. Maria Sharapova Addict. Coffee Lover.

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