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My 9 year old niece invites Aamir Khan to watch her tolerant play

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Amritanshu Gupta
Amritanshu Gupta
An award winning radio journalist known for high -profile radio campaigns. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amritanshu_Gupta

Dear Aamir Uncle,

My name is Maasoom and I am 9 years old. I study in Class 4th. I like watching movies and had watched 3 idiots and Taare Zameen Par. I understood that you try and give a strong message through your films. Then last year I saw PK.

Aamir Uncle, since I was 4 years old, inspired by my Chachu, Amritanshu, I worship Lord Shiva everyday. I feel a huge connect with Lord Shiva and occasionally even do Dugdh Abhishekam (offering of Milk) to him.

But in your film PK, I saw you make fun of rituals like offering milk, which besides faith of many people,also have a scientific basis to it. I am nearly 41 years younger to you Aamir Uncle, but will still try and explain to you a scientific basis of this process which Chachu told me.

Stone is just a format that we use to make idols and if we want to preserve the stone over a period of time,we need to nourish it. Otherwise the stone will flake and break away. And because of prana-pratistha ,many people who experience the stone in the form of Shiva Linga in a tremendous way, their hearts will break if this stone breaks. Because it is a strong energy form, it can chip away the stone after some time if some amount of fat content is not kept in it constantly. Hence milk is offered and most temples serve this offered milk as Prasad. I hope you have the openness to understand and accept. In spite of my feelings being hurt, I continued to admire your work.

Aamir Uncle, a few days back you were coming in news ,saying that your wife, Kiran Aunty is worried about the situation in our country and concerned about your kids security and even suggested to move out of our country. I could not believe it and told Chachu that it looks like news channel has picked up news from Faking News. But you proved me wrong, you indeed made such a statement.

Once,my best friend Shivani Kaul, who is from Kashmir wanted to shake hands with you when you were promoting your nephew’s film Delhi Belly. But she was rudely asked to stay away by your security personnel. Later,another of your security personnel, Yuvraj apologised for his colleagues behaviour. But Shivani continued to admire you despite this intolerance towards a loving gesture of shaking hands with you.

My friend Shivani Kaul’s family have been living like refugees in their own country. Shivani used to ask her mother why they are not going to their native Kashmir,and her mother informed her how they had been literally thrown out of their homes and no one supported lakhs of such families in Kashmir. These people who threw my friends family from their homes were from your community, but neither did her family think of leaving our country, nor did we let this affect our love towards you.

Aamir Uncle, my dear Chachu, Amritanshu was pushed from a running Mumbai local train, near Mumbra by some members of your community, because some Maulvi told them to push a few Hindus to fulfill their desires. Chachu struggled for his life for four years, and finally survived because of Yoga and Ayurveda. But even such a incident did not deter our admiration towards you.

A photo of my Chachu Amritanshu with Aamir Uncle.
A photo of my Chachu Amritanshu with Aamir Uncle.

Aamir Uncle, I have been asking Chachu that I want to do a drama play in which my friend is playing role of Mohammed and I am running behind him and teasing him ,and my friend Mohammed is getting scared and running to toilet, just like you did to my beloved Shiva in PK. But Chachu says No. He says that I will get into a lot of trouble as they will treat it as an insult and cause me and even my friend a lot of harm. But Aamir Uncle, when you made fun of my beloved Shiva, I am sure not only you, but your sons Azad Bhaiyya and Junaid Bhaiyya would not have faced any threat because their father made fun of a Hindu God.

So,as a reciprocal of tolerance towards each other, I request you to grant me permission to perform this play in front of you. If you can cheer and clap for me making fun of and frightening my friend dressed as Mohammed ,it will be a huge boost to my confidence. I will not even charge you any ticket. I am sure you have tolerance to watch this.

And Aamir Uncle, even if you don’t have tolerance, majority of the population in this country is very tolerant and very happy with the progress our country has made under a democratically elected government in the last 6-8 months,that you mentioned.

Ek Chota Mooh Badi Baat. Aamir Uncle, it will be very difficult for you to say a graceful Sorry and apologise for this intolerance remark, but you are being ignorant in making such statements. I request you to not further polish your ignorance, because its shining brightly on you. But even more than that, it is my India, my Bharat that is and will keep shining.

I will continue to admire your good work in films as a tolerant child of this truly incredible nation.

Waiting for you to approve and watch my play.



C/o Amritanshu.

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Amritanshu Gupta
Amritanshu Gupta
An award winning radio journalist known for high -profile radio campaigns. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amritanshu_Gupta
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