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Bihar : from being “Land of Lalu” to being “Land of Lau” again

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I haven’t watched news or followed anything post the results of Bihar elections came out. I was and am very upset, not so much because BJP lost, but because of these two reasons:

1) I don’t detest Nitish so much as mush I dread Lalu coming back to power in Bihar.

2) I felt really bad for NaMo; as the results of this election would give the guts to every tom, dick and harry to speak against Namo. Even more than what they did in the past.

To be very honest, I haven’t been to many places in Bihar, for me Bihar has always been about Patna. Secondly, since my father was in the administration, I really don’t know what Bihar was for the common man and the poor in the 90s during Lalu’s rule. All I know, is that we didn’t want to travel alone, come back home before it was dark etc. Once you finish school, you leave the state for better education to secure your future. Thirdly, if you’re from the general category, the state has nothing to offer you. 

Lalu Yadav
He’s Back!

Given the background, I don’t think I should be affected by Bihar’s election results, more so as I don’t live there anymore. However, I am not fine, I am upset. I haven’t switched on TV to watch any news channels, infact now I am looking for alternatives to fill in the vacuum created by lack of current affairs and news in my daily schedule. Its not that I won’t follow, but I want the dust to settle, so that I can go back to my normal reading. Meanwhile, I am embracing myself, to endure the new developments in Bihar.

I don’t want to play any blame game, but this time I would definitely talk about the people of Bihar who have actually voted to bring Nitish and Lalu in power. I used to think, that we Biharis are street smart, we are intelligent, even though we are not educated, even though we don’t have amenities. Yes! we Biharis are street smart and intelligent, we are smart enough to know that who could give us immediate free and subsidized stuff, we are smart enough to know that who could give us reservation over reforms.

Let me add, we Biharis are also large hearted and accommodating, we not only gave another chance to Nitish but also brought back Lalu to power in all his glory. In fact, we cemented future for the kins of Lalu. If you don’t believe that how generous and accommodating we Biharis are, you can see our living conditions, in the slums of Mumbai, Delhi, and our new found abode the middle east. We certainly don’t differentiate between humans and animals, thats why we elected one like Lalu to power, and we behave like them whenever and where ever we are.

Now, I understand that why a person from Gujarat, Bengal or even UP, no matter where they are settled or migrate to, they always say that they are from such and such state, but a Bihari, no matter from which strata of the society, would always hide the fact that they are Bihari, they would say we are from Delhi or Mumbai, or we have been living in Bangalore from a long time, so now we are a Bangalorean. 

No matter which era of Indian history we read, Ancient, Medieval or Modern and even the present times, Bihar has always played a very significant role. We have not just been followers but have given leaders to the country and the world. But to my dismay, a state with such a rich history, is known as the ‘Land of Lalu’ and would be known as the “Land of Lalu”.

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