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The Kashmir Game: It’s India’s Turn

Till how much time does India needs to prove her patience and tolerance?

Flashpoint Kashmir: How and why an average Kashmiri is robbed of his dreams

Islamic terrorists are using Kashmiri school children as puppets for their evil game in Jammu & Kashmir

The other side of “Kashmiriyat”

Kashmiri Pundits don't have homes, religion, or self-esteem or even human rights. They just have Indian Army.

Practical, theoretical and psychological take on Kashmir issue

The article consists practical, theoretical and psychological views on the Kashmir issue, focusing on illegal occupation of Kashmir by Pakistan.

उस गुनाह की माफ़ी जो किया ही नहीं

वो लड़की जिसने 10 वीं की परीक्षा में 92% मार्क्स प्राप्त किए हो उसके द्वारा इस प्रकार माफी माँगना उसके लिए नहीं बल्कि पूरे देश के लिए शर्मनाक है।

Zaira Wasim’s apology: An appeal for life from a mermaid to the sharks

Zaira Wasim, a young actress from Kashmir valley, who essayed the role of young “Geeta Phogat” in the recent blockbuster “Dangal” has apologized. Why? You read and decide for yourself.

Why I am not surprised at Kashmiri groups targeting Dangal star Zaira Wasim

All support for the child actor sounds good but this bound to happen in a place like Kashmir.

Demonetization: A well-coordinated attempt or a knee-jerk disaster?

Everyone knows while the demonetization is the decision of the PM, it was a prolonged need of the country. And if the incumbent govt won't, who would address this need?

Kashmir Problem re-explained: For liberal dummies

Are mostly Indian liberals still deceiving themselves and others about Kashmir issue, or just lack guts to be honest?

Twitter wrongfully reports Jammu & Kashmir’s location again

In February of this year Twitter was accused of getting Jammu & Kashmir’s location wrong.

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