Tuesday, April 20, 2021



Pakistan – A Suicidal Journey

From the very inception of the concept of Pakistan, it has been on a path of destruction.

Proof, evidence or details of surgical strikes: what Indian politicians want?

This is exactly what Pakistan army and the political class in India wanted.

India’s Surgical Strike – calling Pakistan’s nuclear bluff

Any future terror attacks on the country will invite retribution that will impose high costs on Pakistan.

A Sad Time for India

This is a sad time for India, not because of what has happened in Hyderabad, JNU or Kashmir, but because people are being looked down upon for loving their country and their army.

Liberal journalism does not mean glorifying anti india forces.

Our liberal journalists have made a hero out of a terrorist. This is shameful.

Kashmir — why Pakistan is desperately selling Burhan Wani as a hero

Burhan Wani who was not known beyond valley became an overnight hero. We must know the reasons

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