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Can Kashmir really survive after ‘Aazadi’? My short submission

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I decided to put this after reading an article/conversation between a Kashmiri professor and an Indian journalist on Swarajya. He decided not to disclose his name.

Coming straight, the professor stated some numbers, he stated that about 25% of Kashmiris want to stay with India, and only 5% want to be Pakistan, cause they believe Pakistan don’t have that in them. But, what is surprising the most is that 65% of people want to have an autonomy status, they want independence from the India and make an Independent country.

Yet this is for all the dear Kashmiri fighters, children who are ready to die for the Azadi. According to a survey, in 2016, the year which faced a loss of 3,000 crore rupees loss in tourism because of the Kashmir unrest happening. Tourism, the main way by which J&K’s people can afford a meal and still they need help from the center government.

Last year, about a 13 lakh tourists were from India alone and 25 thousand were from foreign countries. Now just imagine, if Kashmir as an Independent state or being a part of Pakistan as many of pseudo seculars dream, how many tourists either from Indian or even from foreign would visit the valleys when they get to know that the Indian Army is just not there?

The literature of some writers doesn’t matter, people will never feel safe without the Indian forces or with the Pakistan’s oppression. Prior to that, just think how wonderful an Kashmiri own military force will be, when the militants won’t even spare their own Kashmiri people. So, Mr. professor please educate yourself and your students who use projectile motion and trajectory knowledge to throw stones.

Yet, I do have an offer, if they wan’t freedom, we shall give them and the solution is quite easy. We shall let Pakistan Occupied Kashmir be the free Kashmir, and India will keep the rest of Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh since the whole J&K is a part of India anyway. Next thing is let the people from PoK come to India who want to and the Azadi wallas can leave India and have their own country which would be the PoK part, and their country, their fate.

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