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Caste Based Politics

जातिवादी नेताओं कि हिंदुओं को तोड़ने वाली राजनीति

सदियों से सोया हुआ हिंदू समाज आज जागरूक हो गया है. देश में जब से एक राष्ट्रवादी सरकार बनी है और अन्य प्रदेशों में भी उसका प्रभाव दिखाई देने लगा है और जनता ने इन सर्कुलर वामपंथी और समाजवादी पार्टियों को खदेड़ दिया है.

Politicians-Criminals-Bureaucratic nexus: Saga of crime – punishment, political administration of UP

criminal is never dependent on political shade but interdependent on the three-round circles: politicians-criminals-bureaucratic nexus.

जाति व्यवस्था वर्ण व्यवस्था एवं प्रचलित वैचारिक विष

जाति व्यवस्था पर हमारे समाज में अत्यधिक भ्रम उत्पन्न किया गया है। इतने वर्षों के घोषित अघोषित दासता काल में हिन्दू सभ्यता के विरुद्ध अनेक षड्यंत्र किये गए हैं। जैसे वर्तमान में सर्वाधिक प्रचलित षड्यंत्र है caste system।

EPS outwitted Stalin in alliance politics, made AIADMK Phoenix, nullified double anti-incumbency, DMK at the mercy of alliance and appeasement

Today if we look at the situation of DMK and Stalin, it is quite sickening. Stalin cannot win next election without congress, VCK, MDMK and left parties.

The real reason why Shiv Sena is keen to align with NCP in Maharashtra

Returning to the 'politics of performance' epitomised by Fadnavis' leadership and not succumb to Opposition's caste led politics will be the biggest challenge for Modi-Shah duo.

Election 2019 myth broken

This election broke lots of myth in Indian politics. Elections can be won by religion and cast calculation was forgone conclusion. Secular leaders are in shock because their loyal minority constituency decided to think differently.

They prefer to doubt EVM & EC but not their invalid formula

If the opposition only had reviewed their formula; they would have noticed that the factors in the formula had undergone tremendous change and a new counter balancing factor called Nationalism has figured in the equation in favour of the BJP.

चुनाव: जाति और धर्म का

प्रत्याशी की जाति क्या है इसे देखकर टिकट का बटवारा भी किया जाता है। अगर किसी प्रत्यासी ने विकास के नाम पर, अपने कार्य के नाम पर वोट मांगने की जुर्रत दिखाई तो हो सकता है उसे मुँह की खानी पड़े।

Here is a solution to the caste system, and it’s not what you think

An attempt to trigger a debate and discussion. What should be done to make a caste-less society?

Population Explosion 2 – The missing ‘Aadhar’

Congress in last seven decades did what British did i.e. divide. Congress ran an occupation in India exactly like the British did. Add more castes in the census then divide the states and constituencies based on the caste stats, inflate the numbers and rule.

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