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Election 2019 myth broken

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Technocrat by teaching and teacher by choice. Keen observer of political movement in the country. '' Dare to say"

Mr. Narendera Modi took oath of office along with his cabinet colleagues, exactly a week after, general election results declared.

This election broke lots of myth in Indian politics. Elections can be won by religion and cast calculation was forgone conclusion. Secular leaders are in shock because their loyal minority constituency decided to think differently. Out of 79 minority concentration districts BJP won 41. Secularism was out of menu list of Congress leaders. This election saw temple run instead. Two plus two is not four it could be one or zero also. This happened in UP, Karnataka and Bihar where marriage of connivance failed miserably. Parties cannot transfer their vote share to each other because voters are not part of their corporate business.

Amethi voters showed their might in this election. Message is loud and clear, work to win. Constituency is not your ancestral property to inherit. Now surname does not work. New generation is out of clutches of Gandhi name, they look someone who can provide them better quality of life and by using all resources of governance. Loss of Nikhil Kumaraswami and Mrs. Dimple Yadav or KCR daughter Kavitha shows the maturity attained by Indian voters. Politicians should not claim voter are in their pocket.

Before this election every one could predict easy win for Parth Pawar but he lost and Prajwal was mindful to work in Hassan on the advice of his grandfather H. D. DeveGowda.

The biggest shocker was in store for our liberal secular journalist. 2019 election result has shattered myth “we know everything’. We can create perception and about any person or party, we set the agenda for election, were loss of face. Electorate proved the work is done on ground and ”marketing” the word they are trying put in voters mouth, is not done. Whole lot of journalist got exposed because they were taking their personal line while reporting from ground. They behaved like ostrich, digging head in ground but everyone was seeing them necked. Brokers are out.

Black screen journalist was in utter shock to see the exit poll report and term them as dangerous for democracy. All prime time panelist were no way near the outcome. Were they fooling their viewer when they said it is their ground zero assessment. Myth of able to read Indian voters has broken and it’s a big win for democracy!

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Technocrat by teaching and teacher by choice. Keen observer of political movement in the country. '' Dare to say"
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