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2019 Elections

Making small issues big and never attending the bigger ones

Preferences need to be reset and perfected in accordance with the real national, goals and objectives. Else problems are there to stay.

Mixing some food ingredients is dangerous to health so is Mahagathbandhan to India

Mahagathbandhan politics will result in food poisoning for India.

People should know the wicked ploy of Iago in 2019

To reduce democracy to dynasty, the Iago in Indian politics is using Emilia (some bureaucrats and lobbies and urban Naxals) to play some dirty tricks.

Trifurcation of Jammu and Kashmir an unwise and dangerous move

Prime Minister of India can create a bang by announcing the partitions of Jammu and Kashmir, but who would be responsible for the repercussions and consequences?

Much needed 5S in CBI- PM Modi has shown the will and way

It looks like CBI is a divided house with clear agenda and affiliation aimed to weaken, nullify and defeat the fight of India against corruption

Two scary scenarios are overstated– A response to Markanday Katju’s article

This article was written in response to Markanday Katju’s DailyO article of 22-09-2018 in which the author had predicted two scary scenarios before or during the 2019 Parliamentary Elections.

Glasnost, RSS and confusion

It seems that the Glasnost speech of Bhagwat did create some confusion among the Believers and it has been the catalyst for his renewed call to Back To Basics on VijayaDashmi.

कमलनाथजी का इंटरव्यू

क्या पूछ लिया ऐसा की बिलकुल उखड़ गये कमलनाथजी!

Hatred against crusader of development is killing Congress and Congress seems so helpless

Siva Bhakti or Brahmin DNA or minority appeasement or kneel down to before JDS or hatred against crusader of development and sab ka vikas is killing congress

Narendra Modi gave soul to Indian politics – Know how

Indian politics was like a body without soul until Narendra Modi plunge into national politics. He gave soul to Indian politics.

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