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Mixing some food ingredients is dangerous to health so is Mahagathbandhan to India

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It is always assumed that two edible food ingredients/items can be mixed and consumed for better health and taste. Imagine if the two food ingredients/items are good and healthy individually then most of would justify by assuming that mixing such food ingredient would offer great health. But such mixing can be dangerous and toxic to our health and that is what science has proved.

There are several such unholy combinations we can find in our cookery. The scientific reasons with experimental proofs are available in abundance for various food combinations, which show how dangerous or toxic they are to our health.

The point of the debate is not about the combination of several food ingredients or their toxic effects but to draw a similarity or threatening example from the above to present it to people of India to serve a warning that they must be extra-careful with their voting right and should not support the fringe political forces or Mahagathbandhan.

Every regional party may have their vote bank in the respective regions. This is like delicacy and caloric value of different food items like egg or bacon or juice or olive oil or nuts or pasta or tomato or yogurt or potato. But when some of these food items are mixed, the dish become harmful than healthy and similarly the Mahagathbandhan experiment is like mixing of two food items that are not supposed to be mixed together.

Apart from food, even all medicines don’t go well when mixed. If the contra indicated medicines are combined, it would only prove dangerous to the patient. In our context, if we elect all those opposing political forces to form a grand alliance just to grab power, it would be like giving a known contra indicated drugs to a patient. We may kill the patient and not save through such prescription.

Every Indian becomes a patient for 5 years after election is over, and become doctor again during election time. If people properly diagnose the problem of our country and give right medicament by electing a committed, honest, visionary leader, then India shall remain healthy and prosperous otherwise it would be like wrong diagnosis and wrong medicament that can only prove fatal to our nation.

Let us not go by the strength of certain regional forces in the respective regions when we elect a government to lead India. The regional forces mostly lack national vision and work more for their regional interest to retain the vote bank to remain in power.  The open admission of Dr Manmohan Singh about coalition compulsion and the scams like 2G, Adharsh, CWC that stink the dignity of our nation during UPA regime is the best example for how dangerous the multi-party government to India.

People must be extremely wise and cautious not to elect dynastic forces to breed corruption, sycophancy and nepotism.

Narendra Modi has raised the dignity and reputation of India at global level. He has changed the political discourse of India by bringing the agenda of development with sab ka vikas and not money and muscle power. He has injected nationalism and aspiration among people than false political promises or caste arithmetic.

India is marching ahead as developed nation, Indian is inch away from becoming economic superpower, Indian is close to achieve sab ka vikas and India is close to achieve universal development where man prosper economically, culturally and socially.  It is time to take the right food and prescribe the right medicine for 2019.

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