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Annamalai will emerge strong, future of TN is bright

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The political strategy of Annamalai, Tamil Nadu state president of BJP appears to be, finish the false friend first and deal the enemy later during election where people would support BJP to defeat DMK, thanks to the unruly governance of DMK is quite right and prudent.  

The pseudo-friend is the real enemy of BJP because the pseudo-friend by travelling with the party as an important alliance partner and enjoying all comfort from BJP government at the centre is secretly stabbing BJP from behind. 

Therefore, isolating the pseudo-friend especially when the pseudo-friend is extremely weak and facing inner party fight and facing leadership crisis is the right strategy for BJP and that is what Annamalai, the state president of BJP is doing. 

People of Tamil Nadu knows well that BJP is the only party and Annamalai is the only leader who can challenge DMK in Tamil Nadu and not EPS or AIADMK. Therefore, dealing DMK is quite easy for Annamalai. If Annamalai fail to show the real place of EPS and AIADMK as on date means, the core anti-DMK voters may remain confused between AIADMK and BJP and when alliance between the two parties does not happen later in 2024, whatever be the reason, the BJP and Annamalai may not able to attract all such voters towards BJP mainly because, some voters may think AIADMK alone could challenge DMK and not BJP. 

If BJP and Annamalai position now and prove to the people of Tamil Nadu that BJP is the deciding factor in Tamil Nadu and not the weak AIADMK or its leader EPS who is facing dispute from OPS, and if necessary, a new alliance under the leadership of BJP will be formed in Tamil Nadu with clear assurance of ministerial berth to the alliance partners in central government in 2024 (Modiji is going to win and going to form the government for the third consecutive term), certainly that would cut to size the arrogance of EPS led AIADMK and also may pose stiff challenge to DMK. 2026 election is going to be a done deal for BJP, thanks to both the leadership of Annamalai and horrible governance of DMK. 

Measuring the strength of BJP based on the past vote percentage will be a wrong approach, which some BJP sympathizers are doing to impress BJP to have an alliance with EPS. BJP under Modiji and Amit Shaw is different, it has won the heart and soul of people of India, it has transformed India, made every Indian proud, India the country, entire world is eagerly looking for to do business with, all thanks goes to Modiji. 

Therefore, people of Tamil Nadu, especially the greater proportion of AIADMK voters are looking at Annamalai and BJP as their last hope against DMK and BJP will restore the good governance of MGR, Amma J Jalalithaa and Kamarajar. 

The anti-DMK voter base is quite strong and large in Tamil Nadu and therefore they are seriously looking for a leader who can take on the mighty money and muscle power of DMK. Everyone in Tamil Nadu knows Modiji is very honest, upright and bold who will not shy even to pledge his life for India.  Therefore, BJP is the only political force that can crush the muscle and money power of DMK easily and Annamalai alone can boldly oppose DMK from the pedestal of honesty, straightforwardness and simplicity. 

BJP should boldly announce that the party will not tolerate nasty criticism of EPS led AIADMK by siting over the shoulder of BJP and enjoying transient ‘amnesty and immunity’…….

BJP also must make it clear to EPS lead weak AIADMK that the party may be wiped out if it loses the grace of BJP and EPS needs BJP and not the other way.  Annamalai, while galvanizing all anti-DMK voters towards BJP also must send out the message clear and loud that EPS led AIADMK is weak and cannot deal DMK anymore and therefore voters should not waste their precious anti-DMK vote by supporting EPS led weak AIADMK. 

Now it appears, EPS led weak AIADMK is working against BJP and Annamalai secretly and at the same time is also putting up an image that it is the alliance partner of BJP. This would confuse the hardcore anti-DMK voters and also would affect the growth prospects of BJP in Tamil Nadu. BJP must be brave and bold in Tamil Nadu and must expose the weakness EPS led AIADMK and must present itself as the natural and the only option for all anti-DMK voters, nationalists, those who love spirituality linked Tamil culture and those longs for political representation, fairness and development. 

Annamalai is right and prudent, the central BJP must support Annamalai unconditionally to make the BJP a formidable force in Tamil Nadu.    

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