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Chandrayaan-3 launch: ISRO’s triumph amidst historical political hurdles

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It’s 2am, 24th August: As the celebrations take a dial down on the crescendo of India marking it’s “space” in the cosmos it’s hard not to wonder about the lost opportunities due to the delayed inception of ISRO(estd1969).

Chandrayaan-3’s triumphant lift-off is a reminder of ISRO’s relentless pursuit of excellence. Yet, the shadow of a delayed start looks large. The delayed inception of ISRO, legacy of Nehru’s chronologically challenged decisions, left India playing catch-up in the cosmos.

Nations that had the fortune of a visionary leadership forged ahead, and have reaped benefits that continue to shape the geopolitical landscape today.

It had to take a Homi J Bhabha and Vikram Sarabhai’s adamantine resolve and visionary precognition to get Nehru on board in face of priorities better addressed at keeping the Hindi -Chini spirits alive – and it took a 1962 faux pas to get the ball reluctantly rolling. Pro-active Realpolitik anyone?

Contrast this with the fact that Pakistan had established SUPARCO a year prior to INCOSPAR (Indian National Committee for Space Research), ISROs predecessor.

Nehru’s legacy, carries the burden of missed opportunities, lack of vision which failed to recognise the potential of a thriving space program that could have bolstered India’s geopolitical clout and technological prowess. Alas, these missed opportunities serve as a cautionary tale-underscoring the importance of the impact visionary leadership and political decision making can have on a nation’s progress in the ever evolving realm of science and technology.

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