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Threat of terror in Jammu and Kashmir growing, aiming at forest department employees

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Terror groups with a base in Pakistan have been acting more aggressively in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. When these terrorists started attacking state servants, the situation deteriorated quickly. In a recent incident, two representatives of the forest department were attacked by terrorists in the Pulwama region in South Kashmir’s Bangender Bridge area. This article explores the incident’s specifics, the police’ response, and the ongoing pursuit of the assailants.

The Terrorist Attack

Terrorists targeted two employees of the forest department at Bangender Bridge on a fateful day, killing them both. The cops responded quickly and arrived on the scene after learning of the situation. The injured officials received prompt medical attention at a nearby hospital. Tragically, after a day in the hospital and despite the greatest efforts of medical professionals, one of the officials passed away from his injuries.

Police Investigation and Response

The terror attack came to be known as FIR No. 79/2023, and the Pulwama police launched an investigation into it. The Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act’s Sections 16 and 20, the Indian Penal Code’s Section 307, and the Arms Act’s Section 7/27 were all cited in the case. Senior police officers and further reinforcement arrived at the area to gather information and acquire evidence.

Reliable sources claim that the terrorists had targeted a group of Budgam district workers for the forest department who were stationed close to Bangender Bridge in search of timber smugglers. Two people were hurt when the terrorists started shooting at the workers. Imran Yousaf Wani and Jahangir Ahmed Chechi, representatives of the forest department, were among those hurt.

Security Measures and Search Operation

In response to the attack, the authorities took swift action to contain the situation. The police, Indian Army, and Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs) cordoned off the entire area and launched an intensive search operation to locate the assailants. During the search, two empty cartridges of AK-47 ammunition and one bullet head were recovered, indicating the gravity of the situation.

Manhunt for the Attackers

The security agencies initiated a massive manhunt to track down the terrorists responsible for the heinous attack. It is evident that the authorities are resolute in their efforts to neutralize the threat and maintain peace in the region. The safety of civilians and civil employees remains a top priority, and every measure is being taken to ensure their protection.


The recent escalation in terror activities perpetrated by Pakistan-based outfits in Jammu and Kashmir is deeply concerning, especially with the targeting of civil employees. The attack on forest department officials near Bangender Bridge is a stark reminder of the prevailing security challenges in the region. The authorities’ swift response, investigation, and ongoing search operations demonstrate their commitment to safeguarding civilians and combating terrorism.

While the situation remains tense, the determination of the police and security forces to eliminate the threat and apprehend the attackers instills hope for a peaceful future in the Union Territory. Cooperation and vigilance from the local communities are crucial in countering terrorism and ensuring the safety and prosperity of the region. Only through collective efforts can Jammu and Kashmir overcome these challenges and move towards a brighter and more secure future.

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