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The cacophony on Uniform Civil Code

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A lot of fuss has been generated recently after the Prime Minister of India talked in Bhopal on 27 June 2023 about the need of Uniform Civil Code (UCC) for the country. A section of Indians, particularly the Islamist-Leftist gang, has started crying that UCC will destroy the diversity of Indian culture and compel Muslims to compromise with their religion.

Some are even creating more confusion by saying that UCC does not mean Common Civil Code (CCC) and will only address the disparity between men and women of each individual religious group in civil issues. Faizan Mustafa, an India law expert, belongs to that category of confusion creator. The stereotype cacophony of ‘death of democracy’, ‘secularism in danger’ and ‘violation of Constitution’ is on top gear in India now.

This gang of evil Indians should know that Hindu Civil Code in India, enacted during the 1950s, applies to Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains also. During the past 60 years, the Hindu Civil Code, in no way, could destroy or weaken the culture and religion of Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains. Goa has a Uniform Civil Code since 1870. Muslims, who are about 10 percent of Goa’s population now, have never faced any religious problem for UCC. So, ‘death of democracy’ and ‘secularism in danger’ are stupid propaganda only.

If UCC is ‘violation of Constitution’, then why did the makers of Indian Constitution keep the provision of UCC in the Directive Principle of State Policy (DPSP) of our Constitution? Article 44 in DPSP states that The State shall endeavour to secure for the citizens a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India.

All India Muslim Personal Board (AIMPLB) was formed in 1973, at the behest of Indira Gandhi, with the objective of protecting and promoting the application of Islamic personal law among Muslims in India. It is an NGO. But its very name gives a connotation that, it is a statutory body. If the-then Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, was faithful to the Article 44 of the DPSP of Indian Constitution, why she allowed its formation?

AIMPLB has all along been a thorn in the side of UCC. Following the recent comment of Modi-ji on UCC, this NGO has called for opening of Sharia Courts in different parts of India. This evil Islamist design should be nipped in the bud.

Indians crying against UCC now should not forget that the Supreme Court of India had also asked the Centre in 1985, 1995, 2003, 2015 and 2019 to consider about UCC. Thereafter, while hearing two separate PILs on UCC during January 2022, the Supreme Court granted one “last opportunity” to the Centre to make its stand clear on the implementation of UCC in the country.

UCC is intended to replace Personal Law and bring out common law applicable to the people of all religions/faiths. Civil Code relates to marriage, divorce, maintenance, inheritance and adoption. If Muslims of India could forgo Sharia (Islamic Law) in case of Criminal Laws, what logic would they have to stick to Sharia in case of Civil Laws in a selective manner?

Some overzealous Islamists and Mullahs are even propagating that UCC will not allow Indian Muslims to wear skull cap and burqa and they will be disallowed to keep a beard too. What a brain-dead community? In actual, UCC will make the practice of Niqah Halal illegal. Moreover, the ill practice of polygamy, child marriage, absence of proper maintenance for divorced woman and discriminatory inheritance law, compromising the rights of daughter, in Muslim community will be addressed. Adoption of child will also find a place in their community, which is not allowed under their present Sharia-based personal law.

Muslims of British India created Pakistan for them in 1947 as they considered themselves to be different from Hindus. They cried Pakistan ka matlab keya, La Ilaha Illallah. They called Pakistan their New Medina. The violent history of their ‘Pakistan Movement’ during 1940 to 1947 is known to all. So, it will be better if this restless group of Indian Islamists and its Leftist supporters, who are opposing UCC in India, can relocate to Pakistan now.

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