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What freedom is?

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Don’t you feel pain when you see your family members in pain? Don’t you help members of your family in the times of distress? You cannot, then How can you remain aloof from joys and sorrows of your family members? Individuals sacrificing for the good of society is in our tradition. Why did Shiva swallow poison? Why did sage Dhadhichi sacrifice his bones?

They did soo for the sake of society, all the people around the world. They were eager to sacrifice self, for society, for people. Then why individuals for society and society for the nation aren’t so eager to sacrifice? Why does a society feels that its progress lies in downfall of others. Why People and society feels that progress for another will hinder their own progress? Why does human beings thinks that there is “Survival of the Fittest” or we feel to be in struggle for survival with another.

Is a seed in struggle with a leaf? Are the Roots in struggle with the trees standing over them? Then why are we involved in struggle? The Leaves, The Flowers, The Trunk, The Branches, The Roots – all have taken their forms, from the Seed. In the same manner, we can’t see our nationalism. But it is present in every Indian. If we’ll search for our seed, We’ll fell our Nationalism. And if that Seed of Nationalism is within us, then how can one be different from another. And if each and every individual; society; community  is equal as we have learnt from our culture of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”- (i.e. The World Is One Family).

Yet we did not accept the British rule , Why? Because “Liberty” is dear to us. But what the “Liberty” actually  means. Does it just mean being free from the slavery of another person or state? Does it only mean doing as we please? Don’t people have to accept the rules of the society. Doesn’t the society have to accept the rules of the Nation?

So even after acceptance of rules of society and state why do we feel that we are free? What is the awareness of Liberty that is equally felt by a person, society, and nation. What is that thread which binds the person, the society, the nation yet makes them feel independent. What is it that “ Independence” gives to a person that he becomes so eager to lay down his life. What is that mechanism that we called INDEPENDENCE.

We believe in the mechanism which our sages and thinkers have created for us, we believe in those eternal values which our ancestors have created and the principle of “Well-being of All” which our ancestors have followed have been inherited by us.

As the capacity to gain scientific knowledge is the source of Freedom, The values created under eternal truth and light of knowledge by our ancestors that is our mechanism of Independence. That is why we seek Liberty.

 But, can quest for best values differ from person to person or community to community? The answer is yes, it’s because we can’t see the seed which is present in every part of the tree, in the same way we are not seeing the culture which is flowing in every part of the tree. We are not able to see our roots but seeing our outward differences and are refuting our oneness. We are not able to see the Unity in our Diversity or maybe we are deliberately refusing to see it because of our selfish political interest. But the fact is that Political system is not culture although it can supplement the culture but not a synonym for culture.

Culture shows the way for the progress of people, society, and nation. So the responsibility of politics too is the progress of people, society, and nation. Then why do people fight in the name of the system, perhaps because they do not see the common goal of the Progress of people, society, and nation. Or because their selfish interests motivate them to oppose each other. This selfishness and lack of unity had previously compelled us to surrender our self respect to the Britishers. Unfortunately all the kingdoms of that time had not challenged the Britishers with unity, Because they lacked national character. If all those republics had united as one nation and challenged the Britishers,it have not been possible for British to conquer this land.

And if we see in the present Scenario we can see the differences prevalent in today’s Society. We are still divided into various castes and social groups .we can see the Religious differences in our society, although People of different religion lives together in our country but still at some point we can see the hatred present in people of one religion for the people of other and these hatred we can see during the time of religious riots for recent example In early April 2022,when communal violence erupted in four Indian states GujaratMadhya PradeshJharkhand and West Bengal – during processions on 10 April 2022, on the occasion of the Hindu festival of Ram Naomi, the birth anniversary of Hindu God Rama. Dozens of people were injured, including police officers. 

We are not understanding that if we don’t have the feeling of Oneness now also then in upcoming time this hatred between different communities will get increase and then it might cause serious thread to our Liberty.

So need of the hour is for all of us to unite so that this Nation can become more competent, more powerful, and more glorious.

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