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The deception of Rahul Gandhi & M K Gandhi

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On 30 January 2023 at Srinagar, Rahul Gandhi in his concluding phase of Bharat Jodo Yatra, said “Ask me what is the pain of hatred”? Obviously, he was referring to the murder of his grandmother and father. And all would empathize with his pain of losing grandmother and father in such tragic manners. But his attempt to monopolize the pain of his losses alone was ridiculous.

Rahul Gandhi forgot to tell how Congressmen killed about 8000 Brahmin in Maharashtra following the assassination of Gandhi. Their only fault was they were Brahmin, the caste of Nathuram Godse. Nehru and even Patel remained silent spectators of that Brahmin genocide in Maharashtra. No police action was taken against the culprits to stop the killings. No enquiry commission was set up to give justice to the victims and their families. Press-coverage was also strangled by the Congress government. Most of the Indians today are even unaware of that Brahmin genocide by Congressmen.

Even after 75 years of that gruesome Brahmin genocide, the descendants of the victims are scared to talk about the loss of their near and dear ones, their property and livelihood during January-February of 1948. Nehruvian narratives had religiously erased that painful history of independent India’s first genocide by its own ruling party members. So, when today the Congress (and Islamist-Leftist cabal of India) cries for Modi’s blood on Gujarat 2002, the cry becomes filthy.

Then came 1984 anti-Sikh riots in Delhi following the assassination of Indira Gandhi. The Congress leaders and supporters in Delhi killed about 4000 Sikhs and destroyed their property of millions of rupees. The only fault of the Sikhs of Delhi was that the two assassins of Indira Gandhi were Sikhs. In that Sikh genocide, many Islamists also took part to settle their score of 1947. The infamous statement of Rajiv Gandhi (when a big tree falls, the earth shakes) justifying the Sikh massacre was stunningly evil and pathological.

Rahul Gandhi is a shameless person. In the said closing phase of his Bharat Jodo Yatra at Srinagar, he failed to even mention, least to make any condemnation, about the hatred of Islamic terrorism in the valley against Hindus for three decades. He also failed to empathize with the pain of about four lakhs of Kashmiri Pandits who were killed, raped, persecuted and driven out of the valley by Islamic hatred. In other words, Rahul Gandhi publicly endorsed the genocide of Kashmiri Pandits and made Congress a party in spreading religious hatred against Hindus.

In his Shop of Love at Srinagar on 30 January 2023, Rahul Gandhi has assured the Muslims there, particularly separatist terrorists, that Congress would repeal the Article 370 if it could come to power. With such a notorious background of the Congress party, Rahul Gandhi’s question “Ask me what is the pain of hatred” becomes a grade one deception. He and his Congress have been the custodians of hatred in India.


In one occasion, while in South Africa, M K Gandhi made some critical comments on Islam while he was speaking at a gathering. He tried to make comparative analyses of Hinduism, Islam and Christianity, which made the Muslims furious.

A few days later, on 10th February 1908, a group of Muslims under the leadership of a Pathan called Mir Alam entered Gandhi’s house and beat him mercilessly. When Gandhi fell on the ground the Muslim attackers kicked him right and left and beat him with sticks. They also threatened to kill him.

From that incident onward, Gandhi stopped to make any critical comment on Muslims, as well as, on Islam. According to Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, that incident was a milestone in Gandhi’s life and afterwards Gandhi began to overlook even the most heinous crimes committed by the Muslims.


Gandhi was no unifier of Hindus and Muslims. His Hindu-Muslim unity was a disguise to coverup his fear for Muslims. He was scared of Muslims from inside out, all his life, after that 1908 beating he took from Muslims. His Ahimsa must have had the foundation on that fearful and painful experience of his. What Harshad Mehta was in share market, Gandhi was in freedom movement. Harshad Mehta took away public’s money by manipulating stock market and Gandhi took away self-respect and religious pride of Hindus from behind the façade of Ahimsa and Hindu-Muslim unity. We should not pay so much of respect to the Chatur Baniya.

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