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Annamalai IPS can easily win Tamil Nadu in 2024 if BJP and PM Modiji

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It is always said that whenever a state falls into anarchy, fear, corruption, dynastic power and lawlessness, a messiah will be born to save the people. The birth of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna, why all 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu prove the above fact. Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad also came to this planet only to save humanity when they were utterly hopeless due to the cruelty of the then rulers.   

Tamil Nadu has been suffering from Drawidian politics more than 50 years. People did not have much choice and hence were forced chose either of the one to settle their anger, election after election. Although many fringe players are there in TN, none had displayed any great vision, leadership dynamism, hope or distinctiveness from the either of the Drawidian party. Therefore, people of Tamil Nadu (TN) did not chose them. With the entry of K. Annamalai IPS as state president of BJP, people of the state have started to feel that their long prayer has been granted and soon TN will be liberated from the politics of hatred, negative propaganda, corruption and worshiping dynasty culture of DMK. 

The leadership vision, messaging, personal integrity, honesty, hope, courage and conviction shown by Annamalai, no politician in India except Modiji has shown so far. The charisma of Annamalai has reached every nook and corner of TN and even the poorest man in remotest village in TN is harping hope on Annamalai. Even the worst enemy of Annamalai are also seeing Annamalai as Modi of Tamil Nadu. Hereon, it is going to be Annamalai era that is going to remain unstoppable solely due to his personal integrity and the good governance legacy of BJP. 

The expectation of people of TN from Annamalai are two-fold.  One, his vision, leadership dynamism and courage, the people are cherishing. The second one being, he must mercilessly expose every corruption of DMK administration, must ensure action has been taken and many are punished also well before 2024. Only when the second expectation of people is also met, the trust of people on BJP, Annamalai has raise. Otherwise his effort may end up as mere political rhetoric, may entertain free time of people but may not convert peoples anger into vote for BJP. 

The Achilles heel of DMK is dynastic politics and corruption. No one in TN dared to speak about DMK mainly due to fear of life. Even many DMK sympathizers are angry with family politics of DMK and their anger is stronger against DMK than against any other political party in TN. Therefore, Annamalai must not only expose the corruption of DMK, must also ensure speedy punishment of, at least a few prominent leaders of DMK well before 2024.   

People of Tamil Nadu knows the corruption and ill-gotten wealth of most DMK leaders. People want all those corrupt leaders of DMK must be punished brutally for the same and only the severe punishment will settle their anger and bring unshakable trust in BJP. Annamalai can achieve the above only if BJP and the union government headed by Modiji act swiftly than playing wait and watch game or hide and seek game.    

Indian politics has changed dramatically after the entry of Modiji into Indian politics from Gujarat state politics. Modiji is keep winning elections due to his firm reformist actions which people have started to benefit and experience. Before the entry of Modiji into Indian politics, it was all about false promises, political rhetoric and narrations but Modiji has translated very promise into action and transformations. Therefore, in Tamil Nadu, people expect the politics of action from BJP. People of TN has every reason to expect so because BJP is the ruling party at the centre and it confirmed already that Modiji is going to win again in 2024.  

To win the heart and soul of TN, BJP and central government must strengthen the hands of Annamalai by brining all corrupt DMK leaders into book and every minute details of the corrupt acts and the wealth acquire by DMK must be exposed to people. Only when people see such strong action from BJP, the vision and leadership dynamism shown by Annamalai can be translated into votes.   

AIADMK may talk about the corruptions of DMK when in opposition and vice versa but both parties will not act against each other. If BJP ensure many prominent faces of DMK are completely exposed and booked as per law well before 2024, all those pre-historic anti-DMK voters can be brought completely to BJP and certainly Annamalai will all 39 parliamentary seats in TN. Anger against DMK is damn too high and BJP cannot afford to lose this opportunity.  People see Annamalai as the only and the last of hope of TN.    

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