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The faceless and dangerous ‘deep state’

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A ‘deep state’ is an informal cabal for influencing and manipulating the governance or society of a country. It is made up of unauthorised networks of influencers, operating independent of country’s political leadership, in pursuit of the fulfilment of the cabal’s own agenda and goals. The cabal of deep state includes members from bureaucracy, army, intelligence agencies, drug mafia, opposition political parties, industrialists, criminals, businessmen, judiciary, bankers, academia, media, activists, NGOs, religious bigots and many other entities.

The cabal is not organised like any corporate house. It is a loose conglomeration of common vested interests. The different entities of the ‘deep state’ do not come in the open unitedly, but they know each other’s responsibilities to achieve their common goal. They influence the working of ruling system of a country or its social dynamics and try to compel the country or society to act in a particular way. Immorality, sadism and greed of power and money are the main driving forces of a ‘deep state’.

In countries under dictatorship, nothing can be done without approval of the Dictator. Thus, deep state is the unwanted child of democracy. Democratic countries allow dissents, protests and oppositions of their workings and policy decisions or social activities by the citizens. Deep state uses those attributes of democratic countries to its advantage. Deep state can make certain group of citizens rebellious and violent against the country on some issues. Religious tolerance and relative freedom of media in democratic countries also allow the deep state with additional elbow room to manoeuvre.

A deep state of a country may not always be limited within that country. A country can have deep state at international level working against it. A deep state roughly has three parts, namely, resource providers, intellectual justifiers and foot soldiers. From the names, one can easily know what is the role of each part. There are some foot soldiers, who may incidentally be sucked into deep state.

In case of India, we have seen “Godhra carnage”, “26/11 Mumbai Jihadi attack”, “Tukde Tukde Gang”, “Award Wapsy Gang”, “anti-CAA agitation”, “Delhi riots”, “Farmers’ protest”, “Selective outrage”, “Selective silence”, “anti-Army discourse” and “anti-national activities of PFI” etc. We have some names also like, Soros, Ford Foundation, Twitter, ISI, CCCP, Amartya Sen, D-Company, Nivedita Menon, Kapil Sibal, Teesta Setalvad, Arundhati Roy, Harvard University, BBC, Rana Ayyub, NDTV, Audrey Truschke, Lalu Prasad Yadav, Pratik Sinha and Ravish Kumar et al. Rest is left to your interest to join the dots.

Besides major events, deep state is engaged in a daily way also. One recent example is BBC Hindi’s shaming of Hindus. As per ‘BBC Hindi’, pre-Diwali house-cleaning is a Brahminical patriarchal torture on Hindu women. And the latest one is Congress leader Shivraj Patil’s statement equating Dharm-yuddh of Mahabharat with Jihad. Many a times the deep state uses Social Engineering Toolkits to achieve its objective via cyber world. Deep state can go up to any impossible and un-imaginable extent to push its agendas.

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