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Debunking AAP’s so-called Education Model

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Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) which sugar coated their lies with huge manifesto of 2015 seems nowhere around completion. The truth shall prevail, common people and fellow citizens have the right to know the monkey business of the AAP government. According to an RTI filed on behalf of PTI, the Education department of Delhi government needlessly gave a response. The 2015 manifesto of AAP which boasted of giving “World class education” in Delhi, is now nothing, but a third-class education system. Two-thirds of Delhi government schools not teaching science in classes 11-12.

If we talk about numbers, according to a RTI, The AAP government which claimed to build 500 new schools in Delhi has just opened 63 new schools out of which only 20 of them are pucca school buildings in Delhi. Moreover, only 17 out of 43 schools have pucca rooms which serves as evidence that not only they’ve gravely failed in providing “World class education” but also the infrastructural standards have come down.

The Central Vigilance Report (CVC) noted that only 4207 classrooms were constructed however the targeted number was 6133, but payment was done for 7137 classrooms.

AAP government in Delhi is not only deceiving people of Delhi but also people of those states who are up for elections this year. When they spew vague and hilarious promises during their rally in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh elections, it is imperative to know the truth behind their dark lies. AAP government dreams to make Delhi, another London, is left with mere buffoonery.

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