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Busting the Delhi Health Model

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The electoral bandwagon reaches Gujarat and so does the new found love for Gujaratis in the hearts and minds of the politicians. Riding on the wave of a victory in Punjab, AAP convenor Arvind Kejriwal has found his way to Gujarat to woo them with the same set of freebies and doles he had offered to Delhities and Punjabis. But before Gujarat decides whom to vote for it is essential to know the status of Kejriwal’s claims.

Copy of the RTI filed by activist Arpan Bhatt

In a recently conducted press conference in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodiya claimed to have the best education and health model in their state. However, the ground reality is quite the opposite. Kejriwal showcased the AAP government’s “Mohalla Clinics” as the epitome of affordable healthcare, 7 years down the line the condition of mohalla clinics has deteriorated faster than Kejriwal’s credibility.

In a recently filed RTI by an activist Arpan Bhatt, it was revealed that only 522 Mohalla clinics at the moment are operational. Kejriwal in much fan fare had announced in January 2015, while launching AAP’s manifesto, that his government would be setting up to 900 new PHCs in the city in the first year itself, however the situation is grim on the ground.

A depilated Mohalla Clinic becomes a resting place for strays in Kabir Nagar, Delhi

The Delhi CM and his colleagues have been accused of spending over 47 lakhs for their treatment in private hospitals as stated by an RTI, while the residents of Delhi have been left to deal with the sub par treatment at Mohalla Clinics. Kejriwal has copied the same template and has travelled to Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat offering the same model while Delhities are still left at the mercy of private hospitals even for a routine checkup.

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