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Tussle continues between LG and AAP MLA, Delhiites are suffering

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The old days in Delhi politics are back when there was always a tussle between the MLA of Aam Aadmi Party and the LG of Delhi, be it Najeeb Jung or Anil Baijal, but ever since the new LG of Delhi has taken over Delhi. Since then, uneasiness has started increasing among AAP MLAs. But unfortunately what is grinding in this fight is Delhiites, be it government work or meeting their MLAs, Delhiites just have to wait for their work to be completed.

Delhi in Political crisis 

The Aam Aadmi Party claims that at the time of demonetisation, the newly elected LG of Delhi was involved in the 1400 crore Khadi scam, for which AAP MLAs are demanding a CBI probe. At the same time, the LG of Delhi has put the Delhi government in the dock by making many allegations against the Delhi government with its Twitter handle, as well as will also take legal action against the four MLAs, commenting on the Delhi government’s allegations, he said – “figment of their imagination”.

The people of Delhi complain that since a week they are trying to meet the MLA, but the MLAs of Delhi never stay in the office and due to this the work of many people has come to a standstill. The problem of drinking water is bothering the people of Delhi a lot, but that too is not being heard, the people of Delhi themselves are forced to come out on the road and sit on the movement against the government, so that the deaf government listens to the pain of the people of Delhi.

Crime and politics on the rise in Delhi

The CBI raids on the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, due to which the politics got heated, but the people of Delhi are suffering. A few days ago, according to the NCRB report, last year, 2 girls were raped every day in Delhi. Criminal cases against women have reached 40% in the capital Delhi last year, but there was no comment from the Delhi government and the LG of Delhi.

In the tussle of Delhi’s power, the people of Delhi have to yearn to get their work done, which is having a negative effect on the public regarding the Aam Aadmi Party. Delhi MLAs did not go to their offices for a week, all government work is at a standstill as many files are not going through the Chief Minister’s office due to tussle and many files are not getting clearance from the LG office.

Delhi caught in the game of power 

It has become more important for the Delhi government to save its power. There was no need to convene Delhi Assembly session and bring a trust vote, no need to show power to LG and play songs at night in the name of agitation in Delhi Assembly premises.

Outcry over water problem in Delhi

The people of Delhi are yearning for every drop of water and the legislators elected by the people instead of listening to their grievances are engaged in doing politics with the LG of Delhi. Saurabh Bhardwaj, Vice-Chairman of Delhi Jal Board, holds press conferences all the time to make the public aware of the deceit happening with the people of Delhi, but the people of Delhi are longing for water, no answer comes in their favour.

Water vs Politics – Power is Essential 

People are also waiting a lot to meet the Chief Minister of Delhi, but according to Arvind Kejriwal, he has to make India the number one country and now he will go to Haryana on 7 and 8 September to take this campaign forward. But Kejriwal ji is not giving time to the people of Delhi to put forth their problems. In the election environment, plans are being made to provide free water to the people of Gujarat and Himachal, but the scarcity of drinking water is such a big problem for the people of Delhi, which is far from free water yojana.

People have to pay money by getting tankers, which is loosening the pockets of the people, but the Delhi government is not going back on its claim of providing free water. The problem of releasing less water from Haryana is raised only on doing politics, due to which the attention of the people of Delhi shifts from the Aam Aadmi Party to the failure of BJP.

Win and Win situation in Delhi 

Now it will be interesting to see how the Chief Minister of Delhi can win the trust of the people of Delhi in this drawn-out tussle. Because the plan of 24 hours tap water seems to be dismantled, the anger of the public is gradually increasing due to lack of water. The water department comes under the Delhi government and now Kejriwal ji cannot blame anyone else for his failure, the Delhi government has to get rid of the water problem of the people as soon as possible. The tussle will continue but more than the power, the Delhi government should focus on how to complete the stalled works of the people. The Delhi government should not lose its trust from the public after the tussle with the LG.

The water problem of the people of Delhi should be solved so that drinking water reaches their homes and people do not have to come on the road to express their views.

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