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India @ 75th year of Independence– My view

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India just turned 75th year since its independence from years of British colonial administration. It’s time we Indians wear the badge of pride for our cultural heritage, magnificent diversity, resilient democracy and for our astonishing achievements in the realm of science and technology, arts and literature, and in world economies.

Prime Minister Modi, in his Independence Day speech emphatically assured the nation on his priorities towards making India into a developed country by the time it turns 100th year of Independence.

His lambasting corruption and nepotism as nation’s deep seeded malaises that are crumpling India’s growth trajectory reassures Indians of the current government’s priorities in the right direction. 

Recent anti-money laundering raids on unscrupulous businessmen and politicians further substantiated his intentions towards fighting against corruption. These are definitely welcome events and I sincerely hope the momentum continues till the systems get cleaner.

Indian economic liberalization started in 1991 with dismantling of License raj and welcoming foreign investment, generating immediate results from considerably reducing poverty to integrating India with its global peers. Although the economic progress continues for the next decades, the stereotypical “Slumdog Millionaire” depiction of poverty-stricken India didn’t change much.

Indian society remained stratified within regional, religious and economic apportionments, with corruptions and moral degradation splintering Indian societies. Many Indians, including me, started feeling suffocated with rampant injustice and looking for opportunities in western countries for career progression and comfort living.

However, for the last few years, starting 2014, the perceptions about India started changing in the eyes of many hard-working honest Indians, both living in India as well as overseas. 

Indian Union Government pushed for stringent reforms to revive economy, from GST implementation to increasing FDIs to making transparent governance and strengthened defense infrastructure. On socialistic side, the administration did an impressive account in implementing bold but long-overdue steps, from revoking article 370 to integrate J&K with the India to passing NRC and CAA bills in the parliament.

Modi’s flagship “Make in India” scheme to revive India’s manufacturing sector and to make India the chicest investment destination for the world. Top world-class companies started their manufacturing units in India, with the most recent entry of Apple Inc. for iPhone 14 manufacturing in India. 

India under Modi, moved up significantly in ease of doing business ranking, from 142 in 2014 to an impressive 63 this year.

India leaped past its colonial ruler UK, to bag the prestigious tag of 5th largest economy in the world, per GDP figures. 

During pandemic times, India came out to contribute India made vaccine to multiple countries in the world.

In almost every sphere, I see India is increasingly emerging as a stronger, mightier nation and an impending economic superpower that we Indians are longing to experience.

About the Author:

Partha is an IT consultant, working for an MNC in Ontario, Canada, with a penchant for writing on social and Political issues across the world.

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