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Aazadi ka Amrit Mahotsav

Don’t defy Prof. Babones bravado, instead introspect

India is secular only because it is Hindu majority.

India @ 75th year of Independence– My view

Prime Minister Modi, in his Independence Day speech emphatically assured the nation on his priorities towards making India into a developed country by the time it turns 100th year of Independence.

Azadi ka Amrit mahotsav (AKAM)

The image of the Rani Laxmibai riding a horse with her 8-year-old son Damador Rao tied on her back with a cloth battling Britishers is sketched in everyone’s mind. Sadly, after Independence no government ever tried to seek an answer to the question …..What happened to the minor Prince of Jhansi after Laxmibai’s martyrdom?

India @75

Today India is the fifth largest economy, the largest democracy, the second largest military, and a nation of 1.3 billion strong. Hope and development are the largest religions of India.

Netaji statue, a well-deserved, belated recognition

Putting up a granite statue in place of where George V once stood (unbelievably till 1968) is a considerable step in recognition of the role of Netaji Subash Bose in the fight for freedom of India. Thank you, Modiji.

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