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The Print tries to whitewash horrific Muslim atrocities

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Publisher : The Print

Article : You know ‘The Kashmir Files story’ of BK Ganjoo. Now know his neighbour Abdul’s

Synopsis : The Print tried to whitewash the horrific betrayal of Muslim neighbor Abdul Rashid and called it a ‘Story’. They tend to lean more towards the Muslim community rather than be equal to all. Which is not unusual as they always do a hit job rather than fair journalism.

After Kashmir Files movie was released, there was worldwide outrage against one particular scene in the movie where Abdul Rashid gives away the location of BK Ganjoo who was hiding in a barrel of rice to the Islamic Terrorists. They spray the barrel with bullets and tell his wife to cook this rice which, they mockingly say ‘will be more tasty’.

Such was their barbarism, and The Print says not a single consolatory word about this heinous act. In fact they go straight and play the famous Muslim victim card saying Rashid’s family was a victim of terrorism! Reminds me of Pakistan’s stock replies whenever the World blamed it for harboring terrorists on its soil. And so, The Print tries its best to showcase how Rashid was a victim when in reality BK Ganjoo was actually betrayed by his Muslim neighbor!

The article is totally one sided and utterly fails to prove The Print’s objective to portray Muslims as innocents. Read more about how Kashmiri Pandits’ sub=human ordeals at this link here where an account of all the Kashmiri Pandits’ deaths at the hands of Islamic Terrorists are documented. The particular incident of BK Ganjoo’s horrific killing right in front of his wife and children can be found on Page No. 129. Such was the Islamic Terrorists’ barbarism that BK Ganjoo’s wife pleaded with them to kill her too, as she found life meaningless after her husband’s death.

BK Ganjoo was 30 years old when his life was taken away by Muslim fanatics.

——-Synopsis by RGP

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