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Islam at the crossroad in 21st century

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Many verses of Quran have been mocking, abusing, hating and threatening non-Muslims (Kafir) with death for 1400 years. Some examples are Quran 4:56, 4:89, 4:101, 5:14, 5:33, 5:51, 5:57, 8:12, 8:55, 8:65, 8:69, 9:5, 9:14, 9:23, 9:28, 9:29, 9:37, 9:58, 9:111, 9:123, 21:98, 32:22, 33:61, 41:27, 41:28, 48:20, 66:9 and 98:6.

As samples, Quran 8:55 reveals, “For the worst of beasts in the sight of Allah are those who reject Him: They will not believe”. Quran 9:123 reveals, “O you who have believed, fight against those adjacent to you of the disbelievers and let them find in you harshness. And know that Allah is with the righteous”. And it goes on and on.

Present-day Muslim clerics and community leaders have never clarified that those verses are for the period when those were revealed and not applicable in today’s world. On the contrary, they very surprisingly start arguments to assert that verses of Quran are very benign and full of morality. In the process, they try to cover-up the hate-filled and violent teachings of Islam. Their initial approach is to engage you in an Islamic merry-go-round argument. But if you stick to your point, they take another set-course of approach.

In that approach, first, they try to corner you by pointing out your lack of knowledge of Arabic language. But when you point towards authentic English translations, they raise the bogey of ‘context’. Again when ‘context’ is challenged by you (to be something of seventh century Arabia without any relevance today), they start abusing and threatening you.

In India, one group of Muslims spreads the filth of Ghazwa-e-Hind with open pride and boast. But the moment Muslims are challenged, the Islamic apologists come forward and try to cover-up the filth with seventh-octave cry of Islam is the Religion of peace. A religion, whose followers have to be called for prayer of Allah by publicly shouting from Mosques, five times a day, that there is no God but Allah is exclusive. A religion, whose followers have to believe and practice Quranic verse 9:123, as quoted above, is intolerant in essence and violent in nature.

Islam is what is practiced by ISIS, Boko Haram and Taliban. They follow Islam in letter and spirit and don’t shy away from this fact. No Muslim can theologically prove that ISIS, Boko Haram and Taliban are doing anything outside the teachings of Quran, Sunnah and Sharia. But Islam practiced by other Muslims, including India, is a situationally convenient cult.

The later group constitutes majority in Muslim Ummah, and they cry before non-Muslim secular democratic world that members of ISIS, Boko Haram and Taliban are not true Muslims. This is height of deception. This majority group also approves the fake and un-Islamic classification of Muslims as Orthodox, Moderate and Liberal. A Muslim is a Muslim and there is nothing like orthodox, moderate or liberal Muslim as per Islam.

Even under such odd situation, Muslims also demand respect and honor for their Prophet and Religion from non-Muslims and death penalty for the critics of their Prophet. What a messed-up of ideology Islam is? The irony is this that the secular democratic non-Muslim world is also promoting this Islamism by peddling the bogey of fraudulent Islamophobia.

The Communists of non-Muslim secular democratic countries, who failed to bring Red Revolution have joined the Green Brigade of Islam. Communism has become the first resort of Jihadis in non-Islamic secular democratic countries. Communists also align with Jihadis to create anarchy in such countries to keep their existence alive.

Fortunately for humanity, the internet and social media are becoming nemeses for Islam in twenty-first century. Propaganda of Islamophobia and Religion of Peace will be of no help to save Islam in coming days. When Islam commands that all non-Islamic religions are fake and false and their followers are sub-human, the propaganda of Islamophobia looks stupid. How can Islam be a Religion of Peace with Jihadi obligation as one of its core philosophies and practices?

Islam has started facing severe humanity-based civilizational pressure post 9/11 across the world. About seventy to ninety percent of daily life of Muslims is controlled by Islam (through Haram-Halal and Jaiz-Najaiz). This figure may be zero to ten percent for non-Muslim communities. That is why for general non-Muslim world population, Islam has become a mismatch. Saudi Arabia, the cradle of Islam, has accepted the fact that Islam has to reform and it has started taking cautious steps to that effect.

The core problem with Islam has been summarized by Syrian-American writer Wafa Sultan in her 2010 book, titled “A God who hates”, wherein she wrote that no one can be a true Muslim and true American simultaneously. Indian ex-Muslim Youtuber Sachwala has taken this to another level when he recently said that one can be either a Muslim or a human, but not the both together.

It is wondered on what logical and moral basis Indian Islamists like Rana Ayyub, Muhammed Zubair, Saba Naqvi, Arfa Sherwani and Zainab Sikander et al along with the gang of Sangjukta Basu, Kavita Krishnan, S Varadarajan and Banojyotsna Lahiri (the elderly GF of Umar Khalid) are protecting and promoting this exclusive and violent desert tribal cult called Islam? This group will never join ISIS, Boko Haram or Taliban to practice true Islam, but cry for protection and promotion of that Islam from the safe heaven of Hindu-majority India.

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