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Yogi to Karmayogi: The journey of Ajay Singh Bisht

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Ajay Singh Bisht’s path to becoming Yogi Adityanath was fraught with difficulties and sacrifices. A man who arrived with hopes and dreams for his state is now the Chief Minister of India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh. A populous state like Uttar Pradesh, where crime was a major setback in the 1990s, has enormous political significance in India. People were afraid to go out, investors and businessmen had no plans to invest in this area, and residents had no hope from their area due to poor roads and power management.

Yogi Adityanath has been following all of his state’s events since he was a child. At the age of 26, he was elected as an MP from Gorakhpur. He served as a Member of Parliament for five consecutive terms before being sworn in as Chief Minister on March 19, 2017, modifying the dynamics of Indian politics. Even before becoming an MP, he was performing his duties as the successor of Mahant Avaidyanath of Gorakhnath Math, who was highly active during the Ram temple movement. Yogi founded his youth organisation, ‘Hindu Yuva Vahini,’ at the time. The Gorakhnath Math had always played an important role in the country’s political affairs, which were now led by Adityanath Yogi.

When Yogi was given the charge of Uttar Pradesh on 19 March 2017, he was faced with a plethora of challenges and some sensitive issues which were not fully addressed. His zero tolerance policy worked in favor of his government, while the residents got relief for the first time. According to an India Today survey, Yogi remained in the list of most successful Chief Ministers for the fourth time and is the only person to be sworn in as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh for the second time with an overwhelming majority.

The government in Uttar Pradesh has already completed 100 days of its second term. Many political thinkers and analysts believe that the coming years will be extremely favorable for Yogi because he is already regarded as a national leader and this may lead to him being projected as the BJP’s next face.

The general elections in 2024 will be full of mysteries and wonders, with Uttar Pradesh playing a significant role. His emergence as a national leader following his election as Chief Minister for the second time in a row exemplifies the people’s trust and affection for him.

Uttar Pradesh surprisingly became the state that has not reported a single case of communal violence since 2017 and is soon to become the only Indian state to have 5 international airports. However, the list of accomplishments is lengthy. Yogi has ensured that the beliefs and emotions of any community are not harmed, whether it was the policy against cow slaughter or being the first state to welcome and enact the The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Act against the evil practice of triple talaq, and providing victims Rupees 6000 annually.

As a karma yogi, the responsibility of handling a big state like Uttar Pradesh with fairness and fearlessness is an example of a strong government that the people were eagerly waiting for.

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