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Why make a mountain out of a molehill? Agnipath scheme critical analysis

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A College student who loves writing parody. I was swindled by disinformation which is why I initiated a dissertation of verity.

The major predicament is people react to any act prematurely and read it later or never.

I will not comment on whether this scheme is good or bad because it is the individual capacity but wouldn’t you complain about those who have torched the public property are not worthy of being the nation’s guardians. 

How many youths are having lakhs in their pouch by their early 20s? Armed force is not an alternative against the economic downturn, it is much of discipline, morale, belief, camaraderie, solidarity, chivalry, and a way of becoming real men. Those who have hustled for the armed forces shouldn’t fall into foul-mouthed talks, it is a golden opportunity for you guys to reach the real saga. Those who ask what will happen to the other 3 as only 1 will be retained to services out of 4, tell me the ratio of competing candidates for 1 seat in other reputed exams across the nation.

You cannot mingle with the ocean during your expedition if you keep on thinking there will be tides, Icebergs, oceanic storms, predator attacks, and many more hell feedbacks from the mind loop. What if you envisage the magnificence, serenity, oceanic diversity, and lively aquarium that will take your heart away.

Some bogus are saying, it will not make them fetch happy dowry. What to say? If the dreamed wheels are falling apart, four to two, and for the sake of dowry, Jesus! Save the nation. 

To hit the nail on the head, India leapfrogged to modernity (technological Revolution) without attaining full stretched cognitive adaptability. Who can walk on the road without mind solely with eyes?  Common sense is highly uncommon, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Stones thrown in the sky will fall back to the ground from where you picked them. Nothing can detach an element from its genesis. Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon (follow a trend) of’ pick and throw’.

Those who are true patriots don’t thwart the nation and acknowledge it if you are choosing commotion then I am sorry to say, you are better to stay at home than be on the border, stagnant in your suffocation and agony. Unemployment is not your misfortune, it is the choice you have concocted. 

Democracy lends you freedom of expression with a limitation that it should be exercised within constitutional limits. Scorching the public property and jeopardizing the life of the commons should not be ignored, strict measures should be taken because these people are not true aspirants, these are fanatics hired from the same cult those who were gone wild before.

A nod to the wise and a rod to the foolish is the need of the hour. Everyone has the emancipation to express reluctance against any government proposal but it should come tangibly, not through provocative measures. 

What more one can feel proud of than being Bhartiya where you can injure a person who stands for you nevertheless he still tries to heal your wound.

Without understanding the aroma of the schema, reluctance is not a good bargain. Conceivably your reluctance can perish your ambition. Don’t make haste without having a taste. How can you tell that the dish made is not savory without testing it? Come out of this fabricated facade of reality and try to inhabit the truth, it is not curbed to stones. Big events awaiting you, don’t remain behind the curtain, be on it because that is where pictures are reflected. 

Nuggets will dance to the wrong songs composed by bogus composers. They are throwing a wrench in the works, fulfilling their wrath and objective in the name of youths’ voices.

Self-praise is no recommendation, let us see which way the wind blows then decide the legitimate way to respond. When elephants fight it is the grass that suffers, don’t peril your career for the zealot’s call, time will heal everything, all you need to loiter for a great time.

Evil pursuits bring a bad reputation, and chauvinists will play their politics but separate themselves from this game where there are no rules, the only objective is to bring a win-win situation. The pen is mightier than the sword, sharpen your pen, not the sword because the erstwhile ( pen) brings enlightenment for generations, and the latter(sword) is a bloody anecdote. The sword should be the last option when all the paths of tolerance succumb to rejuvenate the Dharma, the sword will whack.

You can endorse or quibble with my opinion, it’s your choice, and I will adore it if come as an objection, not as an uproar.

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A College student who loves writing parody. I was swindled by disinformation which is why I initiated a dissertation of verity.
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