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The problems of Islam & murder of Kanhaiya Lal

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The recent murder of Kanhaiya Lal, a Hindu, in Udaipur of Rajasthan (India) by two Islamic bigots may look gruesome to civilized society, but not to the Muslim community. It has been the latest example of hatred-filled violence approved under Islam. The Left-Liberal gang may keep on crying Islam is the religion of peace till eternity, but the inherent hatred and violence of Islam towards non-Muslims are loud and clear once again. While Muslim apologists complain of hate speech towards Islam and them by non-Muslims, Quran and Hadiths have been the original fountainheads of hatred towards non-Muslims since about 1300 years.

An ex-Muslim has opined “Islam is an ideology of terror. Whatever Muslims do, comes straight from their holy books. Apart from Hadiths, the Quran is explicit about killing the non-Muslims. There are many verses where the Quran commands the killings of non-Muslims in graphic details”. There are at least 170 instances in Quran which direct Muslim to kill or fight the non-Muslims.

Islamic God is perpetually angry, abusive and violent against those who do not follow him. He is more like an ogre. The relation between Islamic God and his followers is like that of a master-slave relationship. Islam’s prophet, with all the characteristics of a brutal tribal warlord of seventh century Arabia, was accepted by the Muslims as the most ideal man who ever walked on earth.

As per Islamic teaching, all Muslims must have Akeedah. It is one of the primary requisites to be a Muslim. Akeedah means creed, that is, religious belief. Unlike Christian creed, Akeedah has to remain in the hearts of Muslims and cannot be spoken. Akeedah makes Muslims secretive and distinctly separate in non-Muslims surroundings.

In Islam, the revelations from Allah are mostly fear-arousing. Akhiriyat, Jannat and Dozakh are the main tools of Allah to instill absolute fear in the minds of Muslims. Quran and Hadiths have made Muslims a fearful herd under a totalitarian Allah. Akeedah has driven the final nail into the coffin of rational thinking for Muslims.

Under Islam any doubt or question about the religion is not only discouraged, but also strictly forbidden. When something is not understood, the only resort allowed to Muslims is Allah knows the best. The two fundamental duties of Muslims are praising the Allah and Jihad. Allah is not sure of his survival without constant praise from his followers. And Jihad is the fight in the way of Allah to convert all non-Muslims of the world before Akhiriyat.

For Muslims across the world, Jihad is no choice. It is a religious obligation. Allah has made Jihad a win-win situation for them. Those Muslims who survive and win a war against non-Muslims (Jihad) get Maal-e-Ghanimat (war booty). But those Muslims, who die in the Jihad, go to Jannat straight.

Accordingly, conquering non-Muslim land and people through unprovoked violence and aggression came naturally to Muslims till the beginning of twentieth century. In human society, such aggressions, attacks, violence and destruction have been commonplace. But Islam is unique in the sense that it gives religious justification and sanctity for such activities.

The new geopolitical situation developed after WW-I had changed the classical approach of Islamic Jihad. There is no more Islamic aggression on non-Muslim countries. But Jihad has to continue unabated. So Jihad through terrorism has become the cornerstone of Islam now. Additionally there are Love Jihad, Propaganda Jihad, Media Jihad, Victim-Card Jihad, Democratic Jihad, Constitutional Jihad, Threat Jihad and Encroachment Jihad etc., one can find in non-Muslim majority democratic countries.  

The two strongest Islamic tools to maintain the herd of Muslims together through fear are anti-apostasy and anti-blasphemy laws. Any Muslim who leaves Islam has to die. The same punishment is also reserved for anybody who criticizes Muhammad or desecrates Quran. No trial is needed in such situation and the punishment can be executed by any Muslim even the son or father of the alleged offender.

Islam has institutionalized and sanctified hatred, violence and killing of non-Muslims, who are collectively called Kafirs. The murder of Kanhaiya Lal was indirectly related to criticizing Muhammad. Muslims are taught not to tolerate any criticism of the prophet. They grow-up like a gang of violent psychopaths. Moreover, killing the critics of Muhammad is his Sunnah too, which Muslims are bound to follow.

To Muslims, this life in the world is unimportant and they should do everything in this life to please Allah to get a berth in Jannat hereafter. This has made Islam exploitative and destructive of nature also. They cannot care about anything except conquering whole non-Muslim world for Allah. They can’t question, reason or seek explanation of the violent teachings of Islam. Muslims are perpetually in a do (Jihad) or die situation.

So, Terrorism has no religion and Islamophobia are the two most fraudulent arguments put across by the gangs of Islamists, Leftists, Anarchists and Politically correct world leaders in defense of Islamic misdeeds and violence. While Islamist gang needs to hide its real agenda of Jihad, the evil Leftist gang clings to Islamist gang for the sake of its survival. The Anarchist gang finds in Islamist gang a prime-mover in spreading anarchy across the world, and the political leaders of non-Muslim democratic countries have become the victims of their misplaced idea of secular multi-culturalism.

The violence in Islam gets another support in form of peaceful majority, that is, majority of Muslims is peaceful. But this peaceful majority is also silent majority and gives tacit approval for Islamic violence. Moreover, the argument of peaceful majority has been found to be irrelevant in case of Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan of WW-II, USSR under Stalin, China under Mao and present-day North Korea under Kim Jong-un. It is now Catch 22 situation for both the leaders of non-Muslim democratic countries and peaceful majority Muslims.

Meanwhile the most powerful group of Muslim Brotherhood has penetrated the Western academia, Social platform like Twitter and News Papers like The Washington Post and The New York Times and TV channel like BBC by bribing. And all those remain on top gear 24 x 7 x 365 to defend Islamic Jihad across the world. India has its share of such news portals like Alt News, The Quint, The Wire and NDTV etc.

As per Standard Islamic Narrative (SIN), Muhammad was born in Mecca during 570 AD, had first revelation from Allah in 610 AD, Miraj happened in 621 AD, did Hijrat in 622 AD, and died in Medina in 632 AD. But the reliability of SIN is highly doubtful. There is no scientific evidence that Mecca existed even during the first half of the seventh century. So the Islamic beliefs of Abraham’s visit to Mecca and his construction of Kaaba are baseless.

The SIN was developed during ninth and tenth centuries of Christian era, that is, about 200 to 300 years after Muhammad’s claimed year of death and in places far away from Medina. The existence of historical Muhammad, as we are told today, is highly doubtful. The Quran and Sahih Hadiths give an impression that, barring inconsistencies, plagiarisms, repetitions and contradictions; – Allah was alter ego of Muhammad and Muhammad was the alter ego of Ulema and Abbasid Caliphs. The whole of Islam was constructed, with retrospective effect, to develop a violently exclusive but religiously cohesive community of people called Muslims, to serve the socio-political purposes Arab Kingdom.

The creators of Islam possibly could not foresee that it would become the state religion of 57 countries with further spread of followers to large parts of Asia, Africa and the West by twenty-first century. Muslims are the second largest population in the world after Christianity. The current total global Muslim population is about 1.8 billion. As the violent ideology of Islam was created for imperial purpose, it started becoming irrelevant in modern world order. But Islam’s core obligation of Jihad remains valid even today.

Recent murder of Kanhaiya Lal in Rajasthan by Islamic terrorists was followed by insensitive comments from many Muslim countries and Jihad-supporting Indian journalists on the said murder. This clearly states that the modern, secular, inclusive and open world-order has miserably failed to neutralize the curse of Islam and put the Jinni of Jihad in the bottle human reasoning. Thus the trail of Islamic violence on and killing of non-Muslims across the world will go on indefinitely. 

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