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Sycophantic Syndrome among Humans

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Interested in writing on articles of general nature excluding politics and religious topics. Just as a hobby, contributing for publication.

The syndrome of sycophantism or to say habit or rather disease of Chamchaagari, the art of buttering the one who has power and influence by those who themselves are seemingly incapable of doing anything except being a Sycophant seems prevalent only among the Human beings. In the process of being a Sycophant, such people just surrender themselves wholly and agree to whatever their seemingly human God say or do, without a word of incongruity. If the Boss says, ‘Hey, see a white crow is flying’, a Sycophant will say, ‘Yes, Sir, I see two white crows flying’, or if the human God says ‘hey, today an elephant was sitting on our cloth string’, a Sycophant will immediately reply, ‘Yes, Boss, I also saw an elephant walking on the string in my house balcony today’. 

This dreaded disease of kowtowing is not found among any other animals. Let us talk of ghee or butter, it is only the human beings, majority of whom seem to enjoy its taste and hardly any other animals seem to love eating them or even any of the products made out of such ingredient. In fact, there is a popular term that ‘dogs cannot digest ghee’ and that might be the reason for the dogs being loyal to human beings. It can well be doubted that might also be the reason why there is this buttering or flattering phenomena or the aspect of ‘chamchaagiri’ prevalent only among many of us the humans or even why the term ‘butter’ing itself evolved.  Be it whatever field, one can easily find lots of such Brownnosers scattered around. 

For that matter, one might have seen pack of dogs, gang of buffalo, caravan of camels, herd of cattle, drove of donkeys, pandemonium of parrots or murder of crows, team of horses – and the list goes on, among them this phenomenon of obsequious behavior towards one another is nowhere to be found as is predominant among us the Humans. In fact, such kneeling people surrounding one are even liked by many and the more the number of kneeling members, the more is the feeling of being powerful felt by their respective bosses. But Sycophantic behavior if restricted for one’s own benefit is still understandable but when it comes to such habit going up to spoiling other’s life and careers, then apparently it can be said that this serious disease is tightening its roots in our Society and is very dangerous to say the least. One might out of one’s stubborn habit or inborn sycophantic behaving quality may rely on such habit but one should ponder over deeply before creating harm to other humans in the process of satiating their own backslapping habit. 

It is said the Human life is the highest form of life given to one and which can open the gates to Heaven or get oneself Moksha or freedom from getting rebirth, but all of which solely depends on the good behavior by Humans and definitely reserved only for those who primarily disengage themselves from such sycophantic behavior and resultantly causing harm to others most of the time intentionally. For such people the doors of hell are always open. Sycophants do not have any sort of respect for themselves, their main purpose is do the job of boot-licking meticulously and ripe the benefit.  Of course, this art of apple-polishing cannot be performed by everyone, as a person with self-dignity and respect will never indulge in such stooping activities.

This system of kowtowing is prevalent only among humans just because of such sycophant’s craze for achieving more and more without much efforts or intelligence or application of mind, except knowing the art of doing the same, which not everyone is capable of.  Animals do not have any craze for begetting more and more and hence this huddled behavior is not profound among them.  So, it would not be wrong to conclude that the root cause of anyone indulging in this round-shouldered behavior is just because one is either not capable of doing or achieving something on his own or has no conscience at all or is afraid of meeting the challenges of life and finds it easy to achieve anything by doing the work of apple-polishing and thus surrendering oneself.  

There is also another advantage found by those boot-lickers in indulging in such behavior and that is, the one who meticulously indulges in such behavior considers himself the boss whose buttering he is indulged in when the latter is away and the former himself  occupies or takes over the power and position and boasts among his own fellows.  Such sycophants get more privileges in the name of his Boss or whom he considers no less than a human God. A person of self-respect and intelligence who has faith in himself will never ever indulge in such curtsy activities. 

All said and done, this dreaded culture has found so deep roots in our Society that it is not easy to get rid of this Sycophant disease. To save the society of such syndrome is herculean task and only when one’s conscience gets cleared and when one does not allow any other influence to overpower his self-respect can one see a change in society bereft of such Sycophants or boot-lickers. 

One should attempt to live one’s life with due respect and not run after petty material benefits or short-term benefits by stepping on other’s head or shoulder and try to understand that Human life is God-given and is the highest form of life with accompanying intelligence which has resulted in us Humans progressing so well compared to other animals. One should definitely try to reap the benefit out of getting this Human-birth and not run after materialistic gain which is all temporary, which comes and goes, but rather one should attempt to get escape from being reborn as some other creature in the next birth, thus also simultaneously ensuring entry to heaven which is all possible only by doing good work. 

It is stressed again that everyone should desist from creating harm to any kind of life forms by avoiding usage of one’s selfish Sycophantic behavior. 

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Interested in writing on articles of general nature excluding politics and religious topics. Just as a hobby, contributing for publication.
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