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Interested in writing on articles of general nature excluding politics and religious topics. Just as a hobby, contributing for publication.

Sycophantic Syndrome among Humans

The system of Chamchaagiri in colloquial language is well known to many of us. A Write up on Sycophantic behavior aspects.

‘Expenditure Tax’ in place of Income Tax : Indeed a block-buster reform

If Personal Income Tax (PIT) is done away with, not only more than 6 Crore people will have freedom from the burden of submitting the annual ITRs for which now the last date has further been extended from 31st December 2021 till 31st March 2022 but even the organizations complying with the TDS will also be free from the burden of collecting, remitting and submitting various returns if PIT is shelved.

Swachchh Rupiya Abhiyaan

We speak of ‘Swachchh Bharat Mission’, ‘Safai Abhiyaan/Cleanliness Drive’ etc. and have fixed a time-frame to make India really neat and clean. Similar such initiative is required with respect to Indian currency as still the country has many years to pass when one might expect a nation becoming fully digital and do away with the system of physical currency.

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