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It is becoming tough to nexus with flying horse

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A College student who loves writing parody. I was swindled by disinformation which is why I initiated a dissertation of verity.

If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? And if you will wrong us, shall we not revenge? We live in a world where some so-called oppressed folk has special privileges i.e. to scoff at anyone’s belief but no one can do the same with theirs. And now when they got the taste of their own medicine, it is pricking. Seeking tolerance in a wolf’s mouth is a wild-goose chase.

Don’t you know that Earth is flat?

Don’t say it wrong otherwise, your head will get a spherical stone to operate correctly. When you are walking on thin ice, don’t go for forbearance otherwise you will slip off. Now the sun refuses to set in the western world because they care more for the half-cut moon. Dark knowledge gives birth to the dark ideology which disseminates dark blood.

Comparing apples to oranges( Sanatana Dharma to others) is sterile conversation. There is no comparison between the way of life and the path of landmines. What if I will say there is only one food available to everyone and you have to eat that? Or I will offer you a menu of food items to select and have your favorite food. The latter depicts the essence of Sanatana Dharma where there is no arm-twisting, one is free to worship and propagate his or her beliefs. Whenever someone’s emancipation is jeopardized, the responsible chief architect is an unseen face.

Do you know saffron has become cheaper?

Saffron is no more my favorite color after it got faded by a splash of red. Bhakts feels dejected as the almighty is busy digging history without the consent of the present hurricane. Stop the flood on the brink with force otherwise, it will swing you to doom. Who says if you are a minority you will be a sufferer? Numbers don’t decide your fate, the learning decides the way one functions. An idle man’s brain is a devil’s workshop and therefore spark of genuine knowledge is the key to uprooting the deep-rooted extremism.

A liar has no legs to stand upon and the pretense must slump after walking for a long duration. If you can’t walk judiciously then tell me, who is responsible? Leg or ground. The leg can usher you to the peaceful destination as well as kick someone. Milkha Singh used his legs to make India proud and some use these for a feud. How you use anatomy reflects one’s social nourishment and decides what to give them? A tough lesson or duty of nation.

Gather thistles, and expect pickles:

Love cares for love, hate cares for hate. Apj Abdul kalam is one of my ideals, you know why? Because of his perception, knowledge, and generosity. If I had overlooked the human-centric emotions above social fabrics then I would have spoken of Veer Savarkar. Both are valuable in their contributions. The iconography doesn’t need a name, it implores the idea and contribution of someone to humanity.

Why are you crying in the wilderness?

Authority functions with a broken spine, don’t speak the truth it will cost you an arm and a leg. The best way to respond is to build unity among people of the same ideology because you know when the cat is away, the mice will play. Every wickedness has a deadline and you know time blunts the edge of grief. The hands that should be holding pens are carrying stones, maybe that is how they had written their history without ink.

The world is listening to Shakuni’s advice, not the Krishna’s:

If you had seen Mahabharata before the Mahabharata war began, Shakuni suspect Krishna, to be honest in the war and asked him will if he did not breach in war ( do adharma)? He said if needed I will do adharma to rejuvenate Dharma. His definition of adharma was ‘breaking a set of rules for human welfare’. Quoting his words- “Peace is reserved for the worthy. When you offer peace to evil, it throws it right back. If Adharma wants war, Dharma will give it war”.

We are Tongue-tied, be cautious of your tongue and don’t infer real taste, remember bitter means sweet (source: Unseen dictionary).

When will the land become fertile for forbearance?

Everyone under the special Privilege umbrella doesn’t dare to go outside because that is owned by the non-privileged. Whether it is raining cats and dogs, the umbrella will not stretch further outward.

The govt gave the sword to the monkeys and now they will turn it voluntarily. They should have nipped the evil in the bud but haven’t. Hate should have a limit as tolerance is supposed to have. Fevicol is not for zealots but fevikwik is watchful for patrons.

The world suffers a lot, not because of the violence of bad people but because of the silence of good people. Come on, leave your Ahimsavadi abode or otherwise, be handy for a bomb to explode near your backyard. By leaving ahimsa, I didn’t mean go for hinsa (violence). I suggest standing for your culture, faith, and rights. This is not ahimsa, it is the birthright and Sanatana dharma.

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A College student who loves writing parody. I was swindled by disinformation which is why I initiated a dissertation of verity.
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