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An open letter to the Prime Minister of India

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Dear Prime minister Sir, 

Is it now a crime in India to chant Jai Sri Ram? Is it now a crime to celebrate Deepawali and other Hindu festivals? Is it a crime to take a procession on Ram Navmi?

It started from Karauli in Rajasthan during the Ramnavmi procession. The procession was attacked by the so-called minority community goons while the police looked the other way. The DIG Rajasthan gave foolish press statements on how provocative slogans were raised like..

“VANDE MATARAM, BHARAT MAATA KI JAI”. Which was the cause of the riot. As if Allah hu Akbar and Naara E Taqbeer were slogans for peace.

Similar attacks on processions happened across Pan India. Even the Azadi fame notorious JNU wasn’t a exception. The latest example is where #Khargone Madhya Pradesh a riot happened. It is a reminder of the exodus of Kashmiri Hindus, as people in #Khargone are migrating out of fear as they are threatened by the so-called minority community, where some of their houses/shops are burnt while the others are for sale.

It happens every year during Durga Puja in WB where Durga possessions are banned. Why is it that organisations like PFI, and SDPI not banned despite the NIA investigating them?

Role of PFI and more the reason to ban PFI

Take the case of WB and Kerala where Hindus, though they form the majority of the population, are living in fear. In WB where a minor girl is raped and CM Banerjee makes an insensitive comment “How do I know that it is a Rape?” Where just 4 days ago hundreds of homemade bombs were found! Law and order are missing on the instructions of TMC. Despite knowing that the TMC goons are hands in glove with the police the government is not sacked.

The AIMIM hate-monger leader Akbaruddin Owasi threatened the Hindus by making public hate speeches such as, “They are 100 Cr, we are 20 Cr, withdraw police for 15 minutes we will teach Hindus a lesson” is acquitted by the judiciary. Shame on the judiciary. If a Hindu abuses the prophet he is murdered. But when AIMIM leader openly abuses Hindu gods he goes scot-free. Why is he not arrested under PSA (Public Safety Act) or the National security Act?

The new definition of secularism is to condemn Hindus for celebrating Hindu festivals such as Dipawali, Durga Puja. As it is portrayed as creating disharmony amongst the minority community. But offering Namaz at public places, blocking main arterial roads and at times even the railway tracks is to be tolerated by everyone at the cost of inconvenience to the people.

To speak about a Hindu’s murder or setting his house on fire is a cardinal sin. Even the so called Secular Liberal media keeps mum. But same thing happens to a Muslim…. And all hell breaks loose.

This is what Sardar Patel said during the partition

How can a community which amounts to 20 Crs out of the 130 Cr of the total population of India be called a minority? India is a Secular nation. PERIOD. What kind of secularism is this where Hindu places of worship are under government control and the rest of the religious places of worship Viz mosques, churches, etc. are free of all state controls? What kind of secularism is this where Mullahs or Imams are given salary hikes to the tune of 15 thousand Rupees and a Hindu temple Pujari is devoid of the salary?

What kind of secularism is it that till 2018 Hajis were given subsidies for the travel to Mecca and a Hindu pilgrim for Amarnath or Chardham Yatra is shown a thumb?

Does the word secularism apply only against Hindus? Calling Jai Sri Ram is communal. But shouting Allah – Hu – Akbar and Naara – E – Taqbeer, a peaceful slogan. Branding Hindus as Hindu terror is Secular. But Calling a terrorist a terrorist is communal.

The question is where is India heading? It is a well-known fact that the rise in the Muslim population is directly proportionate to the Islamisation of a nation. Typical examples are Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt, Turkey, BD, Indonesia, etc. There is a rapid population explosion of Muslims in India. A systematic pogrom or a toolkit is active by making planned changes in the demography of states.

Kashmiri Hindus were forced to leave Kashmir and the exodus or their settlement happened in their own country. But there will be no place for Hindus to hide if the population explosion results in India becoming a Islamic Republic. 

32 years have passed but Kashmiri Hindu Pundits are yet to get justice for the genocides in the valley. They are yet to be heard and yet to be settled Back in their rightful homes. What is done during the last 7 years by the NDA government to give justice to the Kashmiri Hindus is unknown to the public. 

Mr. Prime Minister Sir, 

How is deporting Rohingyas or illegal Bangladeshi immigrants communal? Why is it that the judiciary and the so called seculars have a soft corner for them? But the same judiciary throws out the petition filed by the #KashmiriHindus to reopen the #KashmirGenocide by Muslims? And the reason offered by the judiciary was the cases were too old to probe. The apex court lites it’s candles at midnight to listen to a petition filed for mercy of a terrorist, but is insensitive to the plight of the #KashmirGenocide.Does giving justice in India corrode with each passing year?

Why do the Milord’s poke their noses in ever petty executive matters?
Isn’t it a joke that some years ago the SC banned liquor sales on highways! And some months on the judiciary made a U-turn and cancelled the judgment. Has the judiciary disrobed itself on such petty matters when laws were in place to control liquor shops and drunken driving ?

Mr. Prime Minister Sir. 

Do Hindus have any rights? Does their Aastha matter? Do we always have to live in fear? Muslim appeasement is going on since 1947 for vote bank politics. How long is it going to continue?

The time has come to think and act fast on these issues. States like WB and Kerala are on the verge of becoming Muslim majority States and sooner than later they will demand a separate statehood, how many more partitions are waiting to happen? 

Soon rest of the states will follow the same path. And in the end, there will be chaos, and the horrors of partition will be back to haunt us.

Mr. Prime Minister you have implemented many good reforms, you have come out with many good schemes From
Jan Dhan to Jan Suraksha…
Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY)…
Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY)…and many more

Once upon a time, India had to keep gold as a security to get a loan, today you have turned the tables on the international community. Today Indians are looked upon with great respect. The Indian passport is now valued across the globe. For the first time in history, we have hit Pakistan deep inside their territory Balakot, for the first time India has given a bloody nose to China. India is now an economic and military power. It is all due to your hard work and the urge to do more for India.

Now the time has come for the reforms for Hindus like setting the temples free of government control, reform of history textbooks rewriting history, and getting out of the hangover of the false glorification of the Mughals.

Implement the most needed NRC, CAA, UCC, abolish waqf board law of 1913, 1995 & 2013

Today Hindus have great expectations from you. They are looking upon you with great expectations. For the first time in the history of India, a Prime Minister visits Kedarnath and sits in a cave in “Dhyan Mudra” in saffron Vastra, the first time he lays the foundation stone at Ayodhya Mandir and performs Puja. The first time he inaugurates the Kashi Vishwanath corridor… Hindus have raised their bars of expectations. People want more than a dozen Yogi Aditya Naath Ji’s to protect the interests and safety of all the people irrespective of their religions and casts. It is a living example of how Uttar Pradesh did not have a single riot during Ram Navmi and Gangster Mafia is behind bars. Criminals are surrendering on their own fearing encounters.

Woman as never before are feeling safe in Uttar Pradesh.
Sir we Hindus have a lot of expectations from you.
All the previous Prime ministers have failed us.

By Veteran – Abhi Athavale 

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