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Let’s talk gender equality

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No, oppression of women doesn’t have a religion. It occurs everywhere!

Women being the prime soul of the planet are suppressed. And everyone knows about it but no one cares to change. Feminists take their left narratives and have spoilt the name for it. Nobody cares about feminism now. But don’t forget, women are still suppressed.

You must have heard the new term on the rise- gender neutral/ gender equality. Bringing gender neutral uniforms in Kerala and gender neutral campus at Nalsar were a welcomed move.

I am a man and I’m fighting for equal gender rights. That’s nothing to be proud about. Just an ample common sense will dictate you to do that. I will be fighting till my mother, my sister and till every women gets equal rights that a man gets. Not an easy job but let’s try our best to make this world a better place for women.

So let’s see how we could tackle this problem. No you can’t end this plight in a week or month. It’ll be a steady process but the results will be fruitful. The prime solution is spreading the word of gender equality. Teach men to keep their masculinity within themselves. Change begins from within! The next solution will be making gender neutral laws. Government will take care of it only after the people have some light about it. Oppressing women is an irrationality that the society has and it can’t be removed as easily as my hair falling from its roots.

As said earlier for changing society, change yourself. That’s the beginning of an era. Women are not your maids and sex slaves, they are the one who gave birth to you. Worship Maa Parvati and lynch a woman?

Now I’ll give you some examples were women are oppressed and take care to not do the same.

  • Rape: not all men are rapists and not all rape accusations are true. So there lies issues with both the genders.
  • Physical assault: Assaulting women only because they are weak is not masculinity! Even if a woman has done something wrong, assaulting is still a crime. Mostly this scenario occurs within the families. So women have no option except to remain silent. Wife or daughter, they are humans. Right or wrong use your mouth only. That too in the right way.
  • Sexual assault: this worst case occurs in workplaces specially. Women have to remain silent or the society will keep her aside. Duh!? For once keep the assaulter aside!!!
  • Workplace discrimination: women are not given promotions if they deserve and they are given a lesser pay scale compared to men.
  • Sports: women lack entering into a few “masculine” sports like cricket, baseball and soccer for example. It’s not because the govt supports but only because the system doesn’t support. How many schools and colleges support women playing these games?
  • Boys have free will to go anywhere they want at any time. But girls do have a restriction for the places they want to go or the time they want to go. Some parents and husbands grant permission as if they own their wives and daughters!!
  • Property rights: many women are denied property rights. The son gets the acquisition of the whole property of his parents in most of the cases.
  • FGM: Female Genital organs are forcefully cut and stitched in their childhood to keep her virgin until her husband opens them. Who are you to decide when a woman should lose virginity? Where are human rights now?
  • Socially blocking a woman for a mistake she commits. At the same time support a man when he’s wrong. What’s the logic kiddo? Calling her slut won’t make you a sigma male.

Raise a son who wants to fight for the country,
But not a son who fights with women.

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