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Intolerance, is it one sided?: Open latter to IIMs’ intolerance gang

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Dear Honorable Faculty Member of IIM,

We have read about your initiative of writing to the Prime Minister of the India regarding communal atmosphere in the country. While your initiative of writing to PM of India as mentioned in the Indian Express is laudable, it this act of yours looks biased against one particular community. We feel that this letter ignores that hate speech which is directed against the Hindu community; whether the omission is by chance or deliberate is best known to you. However, we are against hate speech against all communities.

Let us start with mentioning of Asaduddin Owaisi, a Member of Parliament from Hyderabad whose speech in UP in early December last year had called for open threat to Hindus and policemen in case political scenario changes. Now, let’s meet another lawmaker “Akbaruddin Owaisi” who continues to say, threaten and demean Hindu culture and deities from before 2014 (i.e., before much current PM was elected). It would have been even handed if in your letter; you could mention these points as well. Or perhaps, if these incidents and personalities are unknown to you, links to speeches which are already available in public domain can be sent to broaden your knowledge.

Now, let’s move to Andhra Pradesh where state machinery itself is busy in religious conversion of Hindu folks to Christianity. Punjab is no different and brutal use of state machinery is rampant. Thankfully, after abrogation of Art. 370 from J&K, situation has improved in the valley, however, clinical genocide of Hindu folks from the region happened in late last century is a well-known fact. Your knowledgeable selves would also be aware of the statements of the Catholic Priest and a professional evangelist; in which case fortunately, the law is taking some course; but the intention of the Priest is very clear.

We can continue with more examples. However, we shall stop here so that you could ponder about your letter sent to PMO if it is fair to all communities. We firmly believe that wrong is wrong irrespective who does it, however, our judgement should NOT be biased and we should not see the accused from the prism of religion. In normal course of matter; we would not presume to belabour on this to the well-trained, intelligent and articulate faculty members of such hallowed institutions as IIMs. In this case, after reading the reports, we feel that we could help ever so little in broadening the perspective; and hope that this will be taken in the correct spirit. We hope that situation in India doesn’t warrant another letter but if so, we would be encouraged by fair minded application of logic.

Lastly, we believe that you are getting this email because you are a signatory to the letter mentioned. If not, please ignore with our apologies. Also, if we have missed out on other signatories, we might request upon your benevolence to forward this communication to them as well.

Thank you,

Abhijeet Vaidya, An Indian

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