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Bet Dwarka islands are being claimed by waqf board board

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Bet Dwarka islands are being claimed by waqf board! Gujarat Highcourt is disappointed to hear the application. The judge said to the applicant: do you even know what the hell are you talking about?

Bet Dwarka is located in the Dwarka district, and it’s an important pilgrimage place of Hindus and also part of Dwarka, the adobe of Shree Krishna. Also, The place have several temples and pilgrimage sites for the Vaishnava sect for ages.

Recently in the last few years, the area of Dwarka, especially bet Dwarka is facing demographic changes. As per the sources, I have talked, there are around 8000 Muslims per 10000 populations.

This fact came as surprise to many when the Sunni Muslim WAQF board committee claimed a few islands of Dwarka as their property.

A Google Map Image of Bet Dwarka Islands

In the hearing of Justice Sangeeta Visen, The WAQF board submitted that two islands of bet Dwarka should be owned by them. After hearing this claim of ownership the court got disappointed at the vagueness and absurdity of the claim. The court commented that does the applicant even know what he is saying? Dwarka is Krishna-Nagari and how can WAQF board can claim ownership.

It should be noted that the WAQF board has claimed ownership of 8 different islands of bet Dwarka.

The court has asked the applicant to revise the application with some substance in it and asked to re-submit it in vacation court.

Newsreport of hearing in Divya Bhaskar Gujarat.

We have asked for some comments from the MP of parliament Ms. Poonam Ben Madam for some comments on Twitter which is yet unanswered.

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