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Modi launches ‘Infrastructure for Resilient Island States’ (IRIS) at COP26 in Glasgow, ISRO to open special window for IRIS.

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Speaking at COP26 summit Prime Minister Modi launched IRIS (Infrastructure for Resilient Island States), an initiative to help small island nations fight for their existence, to fight from climate change. PM further said that IRIS is not an idea involved from some seminar but from years for brainstorming and experience. IRIS will help small island nations to fight hovering climate change, India also made special arrangement to cooperate with Pacific and Caricom nations which includes training their people in solar technology continuous contribution in building infrastructure at Pacific and Caricom nations, added Modi.

Fight against climate change is not only collective responsibility for humankind but also collective atonement to our sins, said Prime Minister speaking at COP26.

Indian space agency ISRO will also open a special window to monitor cyclone, coastline via satellites so that timely information can be provided. CDRI and IRIS are the epitome of “co-creation & co-benefit “, said Modi. IRIS will help in delivering top notch technology, finance and important information to mobilize easily, boost of infrastructure due to IRIS will help the lives in small island nation to prosper. PM further added that world sees small island nations as low population area but I see them as large ocean capable strait, these nations increases the grace of world like pearl beads from ocean do.

Prime minster assured the world that India will continue to contribute in new schemes to help fight climate change. Modi concluded by congratulating CDRI and small island nations for the launch of IRIS

Modi’s IRIS launch speech received a huge loud of applaud. Not only speech but India’s efforts to help small island nations fight against climate change also deserves a huge loud of applause.

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