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10 reasons why you should blindly vote for Congress

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If you haven’t already voted for the Indian National Congress you should be ashamed of yourself. Maybe it’s because of your “Hindutva” patriarchy (which is a bigger problem). Maybe you might be slightly hesitant about voting for a party who hasn’t particularly helped you. So we have selected ten out of hundreds of reasons to show you why you should vote for Congress.

1.Congress cares for Hindus (even if you think it doesn’t)

This one is a total no-brainer. For 70+ years we have seen that Indian National Congress truly values Hinduism and never has or will try to pit other religions against Hinduism for their own gain.

2.Congress is a trustworthy party

You must be stupid to not trust Congress. There are millions of articles and thousands of YouTube channels showcasing it’s trustworthiness. Maybe it’s just your casteism showing through. Any sane person who isn’t a racist bigot knows why you should trust Congress.

3.There is literally no other way to support the poor

Literally no other system or group of people have ever been able to help the poor the way Congress does. That’s just basic science. If you had 3.3 rupees in 1947 they would have become 62 rupees in 2014. This just shows how much Congress cares about the underprivileged.

4.Only Congress can achieve a self-sufficient economy.

As we know already , the brilliant economist Dr. Manmohan Singh, a major part of INC is never always given a voice in the well-versed forum of the party so there is absolutely no doubt that every decision taken by this party has been taken only after sufficient discussion with him.

5.Rise of Kangana Ranaut.

The astronomical rise of this mentally insane “celebrity” shows us how some women can be deranged due to politics but no worries INC has it’s own class of intellectual women such as Swara Bhasker and Rana Ayyub to counter her which evidently shows us why you must vote for this zenith of intellectualism.

6.Congress hates nepotism.

What is there to explain about this obvious truth? Only the truly oblivious people would require an explanation for this.

7.Congress knows more about Hinduism than Hindus.

This is again an obvious truth. As we know Dr. Rahul Gandhi is well-versed in all Upanishads and Vedas of Hinduism which only shows that you are illiterate. He has explained so many times why Hindutva is extremist and comparable to Fascism.

8.Rise of Hindutva.

As we all know saffron flags are the true equivalent of the Nazi swastika. Today we stand at a point where we must choose between Intellectual India or Extremist Fascist Hindurashtra.

9. You can be the cool guy in your office.

Don’t you hate it when you can’t relate to your favorite comedian’s political jokes. Voting for Congress would mean you can finally laugh with Kunal Kamra, Vir Das and Munawar Faruqui.

10.Shashi Tharoor.

Only a fool would think facts are important in an logical argument. Arguments can only be won by using sesquipedalian words which Shashi Tharoor can teach you in no time. If this doesn’t convince you to vote for Congress then maybe you are just not worthy of their (democratic) royal majesty.

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