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Kushinagar International Airport and the credit game

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In the 90s, the Maitreya Foundation was funding the Kushinagar Int. Airport, a medical college, a university, and a giant Buddha statue, but none from the central government took an interest. It kept on shifting until they decided to shut the project completely. Mayawati was very much interested to complete but she didn’t get any backing from central governments. The Congress and SP used it for political gains by organizing protests against the Land Acquisition. They got votes but Kushinagar got nothing. Only after repeated exploitation by politicians did locals understand why was it important for the overall development of Kushinagar and how it will create opportunities for them.

After being in power for a decade, UPA decided to back the project in PPP mode in 2014 but no one took interest and the same was tried by Akhilesh Yadav when a few months were remaining in his tenure. In the run to the UP Assembly elections 2017, Narendra Modi said from the dais of an election rally, that BJP will complete the Kushinagar International Airport if brought to power. People believed and he delivered today. Thank You Modiji. Along with this airport, today he is also laying the foundation stone of a Government Medical College in Kushinagar which will serve the most backward region of the world, yes the World. This region has a significant population of “Mushahars(Rat-eaters)”. Until and unless they are brought into the mainstream, India will never become developed.

It is in 2018 only that they got basic facilities like Primary School, voting rights and Rashan Cards with the initiative and personal intervention of Yogi Adityanath. The August 2017 incident of Oxygen shortage is known nationally and do you know it was Mushhar infants who constituted a large number of deaths due to Japanese Encephalitis or Dimagi Bukhar. These deaths got national attention not because they deserved the attention but it was an opportunity for the national media to shame newly sworn CM Yogi Adityanath. Yogi took that criticism as a challenge and has today turned the tables with help of the central government.

Today, this region has three Government Medical Colleges namely BRD Medical College, Gorakhpur, Autonomous State Medical College, Siddharthnagar, and Government Medical College, Deoria complementing the newly built AIIMS in Gorakhpur, which was also an election promise by Modi in 2014 and fulfilled by now. Just for the sake of argument, earlier all these districts used to depend on BRD Medical College and in case of referrals, we either has to go to SGPGI, Lucknow or AIIMS Delhi, but now we have three Government Medical Colleges and one AIIMS, and the foundation stone for one medical college is being laid today.

Since this government is capable of fulfilling its promises, this region of Purvanchal is eagerly waiting for one more promise made by the Honourable Prime Minister Modi, the revival of our Sugar Industry. There was a time when this region had more than twenty sugar mills that were closed systematically. Steps are being taken on that front also with reopening of PP Ganj, Sugar Mill but it needs to be fast-tracked. Hoping with full conviction that BJP will fulfill this promise also.

One of the biggest problems of migration from this region will drop significantly with starting of the Kushinagar International Airport as it will provide job and business opportunities for locals with the onset of the Tourism industry. With the increased economic activity in Gorakhpur, Kushinagar will complement it and this region will become a significant economic center of Uttar Pradesh. Thank You Modiji. Thank You Yogiji. Now it is our turn to fulfill our commitment by bringing BJP back in Assembly Elections 2022 for continued development of this region. There are at least 37 assembly constituencies in UP and at least 10 in Bihar directly being affected by today’s decisions. It won’t be a surprise if BJP retains all the seats and make gains also as the Congress UPPCC Chief Ajay Kumar Lallu comes from this region only and it will be very hard for him to retain his constituency, Sevarahi(Tamkuhi).

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