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Is wearing Rudraksha and sporting Vibhuti signs of Rowdyism?

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A recent happening in the ancient holy town of Kanchipuram has rocked the state of TN. Mothers of two children, studying in X standard in Anderson School, managed by a Christian Mission, sent an appeal to CM, Mr. M. K. Stalin, to take action against a teacher of the School, by name Mr. Joison.

Reason: their boys were thrashed by this teacher, in open class for refusing to give up wearing a Rudraksha around their neck as well sporting Vibhuti, the holy ash, on their foreheads. The teacher concerned has been repeatedly warning them against this practice and even threatening the mothers. His logic was that this practice of the boys gave them the appearance of Rowdyies! The mothers consistently refused to give up their fervently followed religious practice over generations, even if it meant that the wards being dismissed from the school. Their complaints to the School Management bore no fruits. The latter in fact is trying to cover up the same by stating that the boys were camouflaging poor academic performance by these diversionary tactics.

Hence, the appeal to the CM to intervene. Even the head of a Hindu Sathsang where the subject boys are trained for good spiritual practice, took the initiative of meeting this arrogant teacher and claims that he even went to the extent of prostrating before the Evangelist to spare the boys. But the teacher was unrepentant. The most horrific part of the episode is that this Missionary mode teacher not only beat up the children mercilessly but humiliated them by ordering all other class mates to give a knock by knuckle on their heads! Imagine the blow to their self respect, if not their faith.

The mothers were indeed brave enough to stand up to this discrimination and have refused to yield to the teacher’s threat. The boys have sworn that they would rather give up their education than abandon their cherished Rudraksha. The incidence has sent severe shock waves in the state which is already reeling under organised conversion, encouraged indirectly by parties in ruling coalition. The TN Minister for School education has given the benevolent advice that discrimination has to be avoided. And it will be futile to expect anything else from this rule, whose Chief recently, while inaugurating a new building in Loyola College, Chennai (whose alleged illegal occupation of Temple land is sub judice) regretted that he could not study in this college unlike all other members of his clan!

It is very apparent that with the taking over of the State Government by the pseudo atheist Dravidian party combo, there is an orchestrated effort to oppress the Hindu culture and uplift Abrahamic codes where ever. But the real darker side has perhaps just begun unfolding in educational institutions. For instance, the District Educational Officer concerned has made a statement that as there is a conflict, the children could be shifted to another school! Rather than conducting an impartial enquiry about this controversy, easiest solution for this bureaucrat is to exit the school. Victim- run away please!

It is to be remembered that minority institutions such as Anderson, receive substantial aid from the State towards Salaries and administrative expenses. So, effectively,they are a State sponsored institution. And this is the way, they can treat Non minorities and get away with it.

(Readers can recall the Sexual Abuse complaint of a lady faculty in Loyola College which still has not seen redressal in spite of Court awards.)

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