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“Chinese” Islam: Understanding the Chinese version of loyal Islam and vow of Islamic nations for China

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It’s been decades since we first heard about the Uyghur genocide or re-education camps in China, the term genocide was given by the west whereas china is determined on “re-education”. Xinjiang is the most heavily guarded province in the north of mainland China. Chinese don’t want the world to know about the syllabus they are teaching there, such insecurity is rare but not in China so no outsiders are allowed no foreign media, no human rights watchdogs, nothing even a bird can’t fly in Xinjiang without permission of CCP.

But in the 21st century, nothing can be kept as a top-secret even the US army leaked their nuclear codes while playing flash cards. few people who succeeded in bunking “re-education” schools told that the syllabus includes physical, mental, and sexual torture.

The vision of CCP is clear that they want Muslims who are loyal to them and can be trusted. In August 2020 they went a step further and erected a public toilet on the demolished site of a mosque in Atush (a city in northwest China) and what did the Muslim world especially self-proclaimed leader of the Islamic world, turkey do about this? nothing.

China took the silence of the Muslim world as a yes, so this time in an attempt to inject loyalism china removed domes from mosques to make them look more “Chinese”, they now look more like a CCP office than worshiping place. as part of loyal Islamic agenda, authorities tore down century-old mosques and gave them a Chinese look and all this happened not in Xinjiang but the capital of Qinghai province in China, a place for Hui Muslims. this place is not as heavily guarded as Xinjiang because Hui Muslims look like Chinese, speak mandarin, and even made their version of Islam so china is not much concerned about them. the brutality and scream of Uighurs are not loud enough to wake the world up. But the road for china is not easy as it seems, last month Uighur suicide bomber blasted a mosque in Kunduz, Afghanistan. this might force China to rethink its policy for the Taliban, the snake china is feeding in Afghanistan might attack its master.

Snakes in your backyard won’t bite only neighbours

said Hillary Clinton

The Muslim world is doing nothing about inhuman treatment in China but is busy criticizing India with the same old “minority oppression” rant. OIC and Pakistan censured India for CAA, Pak PM was worried about nuclear war which CAA can trigger but choose to defend and accept Chinese version of treatment of the Uighurs whereas 

Turkey is daydreaming about the reunification of the ottoman empire and becoming the “masseha” of Islam for Indian Muslims but Turkey seems to have abandoned the Chinese Muslims possibly Erdogan’s mouth is filled with Chinese cheques and the country’s collapsing economy with Chinese loans. 

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