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Why India needs Demographic Protection Law even before Uniform Civil Code

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NEED OF DEMOGRAPHIC LAW: I am pretty much sure that you haven’t read something like this before, but this law can do wonders if implemented. Demography is a set of people. Different Castes, Creeds, Ethnicity, Race, Color, Religion, etc. Demography of the world as well as it’s the same for India. As we’re all aware of prosecution, forced conversions, crimes on Hindus, Sikhs, Jains even Buddhists are being done on a higher scale on Ex-Indian lands such as Pakistan, Bangladesh and even cases of racism, religious hate occurs to the following Indian religions overseas from time to time with recent anti-Hindu events popping in so-called “SECULAR USA” with 40 US universities who in fact begs for students in India to study overseas to recent Taliban takeovers such events are arising on peaks. Which makes India only the safe country for the communities overseas and communities living in India itself which doesn’t need to be proved. It’s well-proven.

So, it’s the need of the hour to ensure, India stays the same as it’s now to avoid similar hostility towards its own people in the future. As we are all aware that there are funds being pushed into India via Arabic Countries and the West to convert more and more people in India (FYI Arabics/OIC are allies) and it really isn’t about helping the poor, but having a political arm in India with such interference to the chaos it’s well structured which Indians need to be worried about. Similarly, these similar acts have been tried in countries like China, Russia but they were hammered down. Russia banned missionaries in 2016 nor does China entertain this and countered it with strict regulations. While India or its few politicians who seemed to be nearly worried about such praise these acts to gain some short political time in the chair while putting India at threat.

It’s no lie that countries from the west involve in other country matters and don’t want them to succeed or they hate other communities that thrive. To counter this “Demographic Law” needs to be passed on a serious note. The law must ensure that the current majority of India, Which Is a Hindu Population must stay at least 75% of the country at all times as it’s today! while having relaxations to Indian sub roots of religions such as Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists. While ensuring safety to other religious minorities as usual with benefits that’s been provided by GOI.

Locking Demographics not only ensures the safety of India and It’s culture but also avoids the threat of being pulled into a situation where another Jinnah can stand and demand partition. Further, it brutally crushes the foreign organizations looking to have a political arm in India via religious expansion. It also will mostly end the minority politics forever and even religious political parties also funded from their lords overseas will have a knee down. Indian Majority with its sub roots have all the rights to have such law.

Since as per our population the claim on the earth of Indians should be more than what India has under its belt, however a sense of statehood to call home cannot be denied if the world really cares about freedom. Any denial of such law is absolute foolishness with a long list of prosecutions on Indian majority and incompatibility of the other religious conservatives with Indian religions it makes such law to be introduced ASAP. The law doesn’t hate any religion either way since it locks religious growth that’s all and as the history of India has lost Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afgan and many other ancient territories it’s all due to religious demographic shift. locking demographics will ensure the culture & heritage remains the same in the region without facing hostility while living in own’s country.

India isn’t built on stolen land that can be played with after severe loss to the Indian civilizations while all its peer civilizations dissolved over time it’s the right of the oldest civilization to claim its right even before the term “democracy” emerged. Indian civilization existed and its existence must be protected.

In the modern era, religions are only used by the West/Arabic for their benefit. Our humanity has resulted in countless bloodshed! When countries like Saudi Arabia can protect their heritage, culture, religion then Hindus also have all rights to protect their identity and their heritage culture. Indian majority. Russians have protected themselves so as Chinese, Now it’s our time to protect ourselves as well!

We’re all Africans anyway but if people and countries love to play politics and want to expand into countries with religion since colonization isn’t possible anymore then it has to be hammered at all costs.

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