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Demography of India

Does India need a population control law?

instead of resorting to law, efforts should be made for population control by taking measures like awareness campaign, raising the level of education, and eradicating poverty.

Necessity of a family planning act for national development and retention of religious demography

Implementation of the proposed measures will increase the percentage of healthy, wealthy, cultured, and educated people in the country.

जातिगत जनगणना या सरकारी नौकरी, वोट बैंक और सुविधाओं का बंदर बाँट?

साफ तौर पर देखा जा सकता है कि जातीय जनगणना का मकसद केवल ये साबित करना है कि पिछड़ी जातियों की संख्या ज्यादा है और उनकी संख्या के मुताबिक ही सरकारी नौकरियों, शिक्षण संस्थानों में उनका प्रतिनिधित्व सुनिश्चित किया जाए।

Why India needs Demographic Protection Law even before Uniform Civil Code

It's the need of the hour to ensure, India stays the same as it's now to avoid Kashmir like hostility towards her own people in the future.

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