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Why EV Ramasamy doesn’t deserve to be celebrated

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Social Justice means fair action in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities and privileges within a society. We have a galaxy of religious leaders, saints and a council of social /political leaders who have been striving for suitable changes time and again since time immemorial. We have many glorious references in Tamil religious texts about social justice being administered through societal change initiated by a Saint or by Divine intervention as and when need had arisen.

EV Ramasamy, anointed as Periyar (Great man) by the Dravidian movement, had not been great by any means whereas mean by all means. It is one of the inveterate imbecilities of the beast on the roam in TamilNadu, dravidian stock, to hold high this anti-social as father of Tamil people.

EVR has been promoted as Hero of Vaikom in Tamil Nadu with all the faulty propaganda of the Dravidian machinery, whereas he had gone there as part of the TN Congress team and had been jailed for participating in the Satyagraha for allowing people of certain castes into the temple. EVR was released as part of the coronation of the Maharani of Travancore.

Great religious leaders of Kerala Sri Narayana Guru and Travancore political leaders like TK Madhavan, Nilakantan Namboodiri were the people who had initiated the Satyagraha, took it forward with the consent of Gandhiji and involvement of Congress. With history being this, the Dravidian propaganda had been projecting EVR as sole leader of the Vaikom Satyagraha and criticizing Gandhiji for suppressing the Satyagraha1.

Another example of false propaganda of EVR being a guardian angel of the under privileged people, is an incident happened in Venmani, in Thanjavur District of TamilNadu. This Venmani village has been an abode of agricultural labourers, most of them belonged to SC community. The labour force had asked for a hike in their daily wage in the year 1968. The landlords formed a committee and tried to bring in labourers from other villages to work in their lands. When the local labourers protested a clash erupted and finally one of the landlords named Gopala Krishna Naidu had burnt a hut with 44 locals hiding in it on 25th of December 1968. All 44 of them died2.

EV Ramasamy learnt about the incident and also about the prime accused being of his own caste. So, he blamed the incident on Manu Smriti, Indians incapable of ruling Indians, democracy and wanted TamilNadu to secede from India to become autocratic, so such incident may not happen in future. (Viduthalai – 28.12.1968)

Also, EVR infamously opined that the labourers who had been killed, had fallen prey to communist propaganda  and had asked for hike in wages, which had resulted in them getting killed. So, EVR wanted everyone to abhor communism for peaceful life. (Viduthalai – 20-1-69)

EVR, who the dravidian folks celebrate as a father figure of Tamils, had infamously called Tamil a barbaric language3. EVR opined that by losing knowledge of Tamil one has nothing to lose, yet by learning English one has a lot to gain. EVR opposed Hindi in TamilNadu to bring on English as lingua franca and not Tamil.4

While EVR vehemently opposed teaching and studying of Hindi in TamilNadu from 1929, he was the one who had opened the first Hindi school in TamilNadu. In 1922, EVR had given one of his places free of cost to start a Hindi School in Erode, TamilNadu5. This had been confirmed in writing by one of the great freedom fighters of early 20th century V.Kalyanasundaram in his memoirs.

EVR had written in his daily Viduthalai that Tamilians are not capable of leadership, so he despite being a Kannadiga, has been leading the Tamil people. (Viduthalai – 1.6.1954)

In his daily Viduthalai, EVR has written that Ramayan read in Tamil by the great poet Kamban would be harmful, whereas reading Ramcharitmanas, or Valmiki Ramayan in Sanskrit would not be harmful. (Viduthalai – 08-03-1965).

EVR termed Thirukkural a significant Tamil literature as feces. In his daily Viduthalai he wrote “Thirukkural is feces served in a golden plate. I am telling you remove feces and you are asking what to replace it with!” (Viduthalai – 1-6-1950)

EVR has taken a daring anti-Hindu stand under the guise of being an atheist. In his daily Viduthalai he has written “I’m not telling anyone not to worship any God. Worship a God like that of Christians or Moslems.” (Viduthalai – 04-06-1959)

“If you ask a Christian or a Moslem about their God, they say their God is good and benevolent. They say their God has no physical form. Why don’t you people have such a God?” (Viduthalai – 25-12-1958)

“Buddha, Jesus and Mohamed Nabi have been reformers. If world needs peace, unity and tranquility all religions must be decimated. Yet, with existence of a religion if the world can get peace, then in my opinion, it is Islam.” (Kudiyarasu – 23-08-1931)

EVR wanted British rule to continue in India. If that could not happen, he wanted a separate nation for the Dravidian people. He wanted British to handover the Madras Presidency at the least to the Justice Party and not as a whole along with India to the elected bodies, represented by Congress.

 “I beseeched the British that it would not be honest on their part to hand over the administration to Congress, while we are the ones who have always supported them. The British told that they knew only Hindu-Muslim fight and never knew of Brahmin non-Brahmin tussle. Then I went to meet Jinnah to ask for his help in getting a separate dravida nation. Jinnah told that my plan was good but I have to look after its execution, while he could work only for Muslim cause and not for non-Muslim cause.” (EVR’s interview to Ananda Vikatan Tamil magazine – 1965)

EVR termed August 15, 1947 as a day of sorrow. He wanted his followers to mourn the independence of India.

EVR was a dyed in the wool anti national. He once wrote in the daily he published called Viduthalai that he would support Russia if they invade India. “Tomorrow if Russia invades India, I would rather support Russia and get shot or jailed than to support India on patriotic grounds, not even a minute.” (Viduthalai – 5.2.1966)  

Such are the qualities of this EV Ramasamy (aka Periyar) and TamilNadu Government is out to celebrate him as an icon of social justice! Every human with a sane mindset has to oppose celebration of this kind of an element who could not be counted in for any sane cause by any means.

  1. Detailed analyses of the Dravidian propaganda and facts have been presented in this link in Tamil. This is part of a book (Periyarin Marupakkam – The other side of Periyar) written by Ma.Venkatesan who is currently serving as Chairman, National Commission for Safai Karamcharis.
  2. Detailed analyses of the mass murder and facts have been presented in this link in Tamil, by the same author.
  3. Thoughts of EVR – Part II.
  4. Tamil and Tamilians – Book written by EV Ramasamy.
  5. திரு.வி.க. வின் வாழ்க்கை குறிப்புகள் – p436

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