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‘Bihar’- an important part of India, now lacking behind

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Aishwarya majumdar.
Aishwarya majumdar.
Aishwarya is a Student of BA.LLB ,from Sharda University,School of Law .

Bihar is one of the oldest and is rich in cultural and religious heritages. Bihar got its name from Vihar, and Bihar was considered by the name Magadh in ancient times, even after being the foremost part of India Bihar was not perceived anywhere, did we ever think why? Let’s know about the complications that Bihar is facing- Bihar is having the lowest per capita income as it is generating around 20% of GDP from its agricultural sector, 19% from the industries and 61% from the services, and around 88.70 % of its population’s lives in rural areas where they have agriculture as their main line of business.

Now the concern is why only agriculture, other states have industries, resources, and work. So the reason behind this is, in the year 1756 Bihar was a major part of Bengal and it got segregated in the year 1912, and in the year 2000 Bihar and Jharkhand got separated and because of this Bihar lost all the resources as it was under the territory of Jharkhand, the segregation with Bengal and Jharkhand decreased the ratio of employment as these states was well off with the resources, and because of the lack of employment in the state workers from Bihar are working in different states or territories for their livelihood. Bihar was having Asia’s largest Sugar Mill but now the Sugar Mill is of no work.

Moving towards Literacy, as we all know that how much literacy is important, and the value of education as it helps us in intensifying our capacity and skills and helps us in getting jobs and work options, Bihar has around 17 universities and 744 colleges and despite that Bihar has the lowest literacy rate, Bihar’s literacy rate is the lowest in the country and it is 68.83%, Goa is considered as the smallest state of India even after that its literacy rate is 89.6 %. And Bihar holds the 12th rank out of 28 states and 8 Union Territories of India in area wise. One more aspect why Bihar is lacking behind is the flood, that Bihar is facing every year, thousands of people die, agricultures is getting rotted, which makes the farmers face loss, and because of which they commit suicide.

Now as we are well-known with the facts and circumstances of Bihar, we should also have the knowledge that how the state should develop and how they can make use of the resources, people, and industries they have- we the people of the state should not run away from our duties, the government of Bihar should start skill-based learning, they should again start their small scale industries, heritages of Bihar can be used as a tourist attraction, they can start a training program that will lend a hand to its people to be employed, these are the areas where Bihar should focus, these are the areas which can not only help people to be employed but also to get grow.

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Aishwarya majumdar.
Aishwarya majumdar.
Aishwarya is a Student of BA.LLB ,from Sharda University,School of Law .
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