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Should we be afraid to embrace Hindutva?

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Advocate, cricketer and book reader!

I have always wondered about the hysterical warnings from the western press and the liberal crowd in our country about the dangers of embracing the Hindutva ideology. They have painted it as something so bad, that it was ok to mock them as cow-piss drinkers, Sanghi terrorists and many other choicest of abuses. They show one man as the Harbinger of Death, inspite of the fact that he is a democratically elected head of the State. They go on a ballistic tirade against his Hindutva credentials and they paint the RSS as a terrorist cell. In this article I would delve a bit into our history and my own experiences, to understand, wherefore, is there fear of the Hindutva Ideology.

Firstly, this is not to propagate a religious belief and as has been the latest trend, to demonize a culture, you demonize everything associated with that culture. Was there caste discrimination in our society and is it still prevalent? The answer to both is a resounding Yes. Are everyone so caste conscious? Atleast from my experiences and my own upbringing, I was spared the way a mind is corrupted by having hatred over someone due to their caste till my Graduation days. But by then I was mature enough to not get caught in that muck. Many are brought up in this superiority complex. Do you intend to change someone by hating them for their beliefs or trying to show them hatred has no place in a society?

The liberals, as is their will, demonize Brahmins, calling them stiff upper privileged class. I am a Brahmin, born in an upper middle class family and I have felt privileged not because of my caste credentials but due to the wonderful family and many brothers and sisters I was blessed to have. I never saw the caste, color or gender of a person to make friendship and I was taught to be like that by my family. Are there people with prejudices in my family? Every one has their own prejudices and that leads to a healthy debate in our family. Are everyone as blessed as me? It would be foolish to think so. And we come back to the important question, then why are an entire race demonized for the alleged atrocities of their predecessors? If that is the yard stick, then Christians and Muslims, have no rights at all. Remember the many Religious wars of the Church or the demonic invasions of the Mughals and many other Islamic tyrants across the world and in the latest Era the Islamic terrorism engaged in by the Taliban and their ilk or the mass confinements of the Ughyrs in China? We don’t judge a person by their religious beliefs and that is the fundamental beauty of being human.

And that is what, the Hindutva Ideology propagates. To be human. We are a race that refer to the rivers as mothers and revere the nature.  We see God in everyone. Some may call it Idol worship and try to demonize every aspect of it. But let not their hatred cloud the fact, that we as a race have always been about respecting the elements and living in harmony and peace. We have never been inclined in wars and our outlook towards prosperity has always been about spiritual upliftment.  And that is what scares the living daylights out of these liberals. They can’t drive the knowledge embedded in the DNA of every Indian.

They will use every tool at their disposal to make us feel inferior and for that they will whitewash History, show us as barbaric and in need of upliftment and virtually try to demonize every aspect of our culture, like demonizing Brahmins, creating a caste divide instead of healing rifts and engage in aggressive behavior, like the farmers protests, Delhi riots and the latest shenanigans in the Parliament. 

Truth cannot be hidden for long and after 70 years of the same internal struggle, we are slowly embracing our culture with all its faults and greatness. We are open to condemning anything that is creating a rift but at the same time are proud of acknowledging the greatness of our culture. And therefore, those, who have built their kingdoms on these lies, are shaking because the foundations are crumbling. Truth set free, is on the verge of uprooting these imposters.

The people of India are definitely watching. It was evident in the happiness shown by everyone of our country barring few, when our terrific Olympians put up a splendid performance at Tokyo, 2020 or even, when, the highest sports honor of this country was named after the Wizard of Hockey, the mercurial maverick Major Dhyan Chand. The greatest sportsman this country has seen.

The country is not getting saffronised as these people want us to believe. It is finally giving due recognition to the people that have done wonders for this country. The building of Bhavya Ram Mandir, will be the final step in the long wait for justice and the history, that western media and our liberal intelligentsia wanted to erase as myth, will be set in stone. This is the reason, they want everyone to fear the Hindutva Idealogy. They could not succeed in erasing our identity inspite of the mass murders, conversions and brutality. 

They could not make us forget our morality in spite of trying utmost to create a rift between each other and now people are yearning to understand their culture better. They didn’t realize that the inheritance of Hindutva was it’s resilience and courage in the face of Adharma. They wanted to erase the existence of Maryada Purushottam but they couldn’t, as his Ram Rajya was the fabric of Dharma on which, this wonderful Cultural tapestry was woven and that scares them even more.

They now realize the only way to wipe out the Hindutva ideology is to completely annihilate every aspect of its existence and it is not an easy task. And to answer my question, the only people,  who will ever fear the Hindutva ideology are those who are afraid that the truth will come out. Majority believe in the concept of universal brotherhood and are willing to embrace their culture without any guilt. You see the truth sets you free and I hope that the liberals finally see the truth in it and mend their ways to become better human beings. Else their cacophony will be drowned in the song of success that my motherland is going to be.

Hindutva ideology does not propagate the idea of War. Because our epics teach us the terrible cost one has to pay for war. Ours was, is and will always be land of Dharma. Are there challenges ahead? There are many and this country has now shown that we are willing to fight it together. That courage was shown in the way we have collectively fought this pandemic. Because one should remember the doomsday predictions for India, when this pandemic began.

Although many of us lost our near and dear ones, we still weren’t ravaged like many other so called western countries. We are the highest vaccinated people. A country of 1.3 billion has somehow fought through a deadly pandemic without proper infrastructure and hospitals, when it started. And it happened because we all participated in our own ways. Many western countries have taken away precautions like face masks and social distancing. We are sincerely adhering to it. We are educating others. 

The point really is about how much we progressed as a nation in the past 8 years to how we were before that. And we have set ourselves goals to achieve instead of doles to receive. We have realized the true potential of our nation and our collectively working towards it. And therefore,  as with any nation trying to achieve their dreams, there will be forces trying to undermine us by showing our cultural heritage in a way that suits their narrative. May be 20 years back, it would have worked. Today’s India, is not going to be bothered by it and will proudly wear their Hindutva badge on their sleeves. Because we know we believe in humanity. It’s time for these nincompoops to come to terms with that.

Jai Hind.

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Advocate, cricketer and book reader!
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