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Pseudo feminism in the woke culture

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Being woke originally referred to be aware about racial prejudice, homophbia, transphobia, gender inequality and other sorts of social discriminations but lately it has lost its essence. The mainstream woke community is getting toxic. I believe in the idea of social liberalism but if someone asks me if I’m one of those ‘woke people’ I feel ashamed to answer yes. Pseudo feminism is one of the aspects of the prevelent toxicity in the woke culture.

The tenet of feminism is gender equality for women whereas for pseudo feminism, the tenet is women supremacy and abhorrence of men. Misandry to end misogyny is as absurd as it sounds. Barring some exceptions men are not the real enemy of feminism, its the pseudo feminists who misuse the word ‘feminism’.

Of course there is prevalent sexism in society. By ‘society’ I mean the entire world although the sexism is prevalent but disproportionately. The western countries being the most liberal has the least sexism whereas the middle Eastern countries being the most conservative has the most and are in dire need of gender reforms. Women equality is the need of the hour not hatred of men. People seriously need to realise that not everything is sexist and not all men are misogynist. We need to fight for the cause.

At its core, feminism is the belief in full social, economic, and political equality for women and it is much needed but spreading hate is no way to achieve that. I’m not pointing out the concept of hating all men for no reason but the concept of hating men in the name of feminist.

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