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Why they hate Shyama Prasad Mookerjee?

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Why Commie kids of West Bengal hate Shyama Prasad Mookerjee so much? I fail to fathom the amount of hatred they harbor against him. They hold Sri Mookerjee responsible for division of Bengal, as well as, Hindu-Muslim rift.

Some Commie kids even, not only, implicate him in defalcation of relief funds during Bengal famine of 1943, but also claim that he took help from Suhrawardi (Muslim League leader from Bengal) to come out clean of the charges of said financial irregularity. But the kids will never give you the source of such information.

The core question that comes up is, was Shyama Prasad Mookerjee politically that powerful in Bengal during 1940s to divide Bengal and cause Hindu-Muslim rift?

The associated questions are:

  • Were Congress and Muslim League politically and physically irrelevant in Bengal during 1940s and followed Sri Mookerjee?
  • Did Sri Mukherjee force Fazlul Haque of Bengal to move Pakistan Resolution in Lahore session of Muslim League during 1940?
  • Had Commies been better off in Muslim majority Bengal as per history of Muslim dominated countries?
  • How and why Muslim League got 95% of Muslim seats in Bengal election during 1946?
  • Did Sri Mookerjee organize ‘Direct Action Day’ in Calcutta on 16 August 1946?

Commie kids of West Bengal need to answer these few basic questions in context of the political history of Bengal from 1905 to 1947. Of course, Marxism does not include that history.

As they are notorious for not reading anything beyond their cultic literatures, I request the Commie kids of West Bengal to, at least, read Yasmin Khan’s book “The Great Partition”, before answering the last question. Satarup Ghosh can help his kid brothers and sisters to answer these questions.

Both Communism and Sharia are totalitarian in concept and practice. If I am given a choice to contest one, I shall definitely choose Communism, as it has a fraudulent and utopian façade that damages the brain of Hindu Bengali kids very fast. Bengali Commies are a weird species. They can love Jinnah and Suhrawardi, but will keep on hating Shyama Prasad Mookerjee for no good reason.

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