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If you hate someone ask them to become a journalist

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We, the Journalists of India, hereby pledge that we will always consider ourselves above the Law, and that our version of the truth will be the final one.

I hold no scorn against journalists or journalism in general, before any such “bearer of truth” attacks me saying that I don’t respect one of the 4 pillars of democracy. But, what can one do when the pillar is rusted and dilapidated by the blows dealt to it by journalists themselves?. Look at the joke we call the mainstream media, some of them are busy concocting fake attacks on showrooms to facilitate their “Hindus are intolerant” bogey (which obviously is a lie created by rabid hinduphobes), while others are spreading fake news that The President of this country has died, and the ones who aren’t glorifying terrorists and anti-nationals, are busy on call with Radiaa, don’t worry, they will resume their duty shortly and will livestream burning pyres to get 3 seconds of attention from the Gora Sahibs of CNN.

I know that you’re just as frustrated as I am, if not more. But worry not, the circus we call mainstream media, has managed to stoop a new low. Yes, indeed, they continue to baffle us with their antics. Such a wonder we’ve survived so long with such a pathetic bunch. (or have we?)

The News Broadcasters Association (NBA), has filed a petition saying that they won’t be complying with IT Laws 2021, because laws are for lesser mortals, and not for big mediahouses and champagne socialists like them. Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit, but I’m willing to bet 10 bucks, that they thought of this while typing up the petition. The petition says and I quote, “Rules give the government authorities excessive power to unreasonably restrict media rights”. (source: India Today, news report)

“Yeah, take that!. It’s called, ‘Right to Spread Fake News Without Getting Caught’, honey!”, a lawyer, nicknamed ‘₹ 1’ was caught saying off camera.

What are the new IT Laws?, they’re simply put in place to demand accountability from press and social media platforms for the content they publish and curate.

NBA knocked on doors of Kerala High Court for the same and got interim protection from any form of coercive action too. And as always, I will be naming and shaming each and every mediahouse who’s a part of this drama.  Here’s the full list:

  1. NDTV
  2. India Today, Aaj Tak, and the whole TV today network
  3. ZEE news, ZEE English, and the whole ZEE network
  4. TIMES NOW, MIRROR NOW and the whole of TIMES Group
  5. ABP News Group
  6. India TV (note: Rajat Sharma, is the CEO of NBA, and has filed the petition challenging the IT Laws, 2021)
  7. News24 Group
  8. TV18 Group

It is interesting to note that Republic, led by Arnab Goswami has complied with the IT Laws, 2021. NBF (News Broadcasters Federation), which consists of Republic, Orissa TV (headed by Jayant Panda), and other mediahouses have also complied to the laws without causing any fuss.

Arnab, and Jayant can follow the law, so why can’t Ravish, Sudhir, Rajdeep, Navika, Rajat, and Rubika?.

And the question isn’t validity of laws, it’s about the entitlement and the innate sense of superiority which plagues Indian Media. They dish out sermons everyday from their cozy air conditioned studios about ‘How to be a Model Citizen’, and yet they start crying ‘Death of Democracy’ if someone asks them not to wear headphones and listen to songs while driving (based on true incidents, you can ask Madison Squares Greatest Disgrace).

Media holds tremendous power to shape the narrative, but at the same time it has a plethora of skeletons in its closet, waiting to tumble out. The only question is, who will be the first one to blink?

All forms of feedback will be appreciated, unless you’re a disgruntled journalist who’s angry at me, in which case, please feel free to send your hate mails and constructive criticism to the nearest trashcan you see. Love you, bye.

(Also, get rid of the God Complex while you’re at it, I don’t want lectures of morality from people who hid Cash for Votes Tapes, and Lalu-Sohrabuddin Nexus Tapes for years in exchange for ‘favors’.)

I don’t hate journalists, I hate propagandists posing journalists.

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