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Normalcy vs complacency- A choice or a risk

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As official figures of positive Corona cases show a substantial reduction across states, the governments across the nation have substantially unlocked their states with standard advisories to their people to observe COVID appropriate behaviour.

Businesses, Markets, Malls, Restaurants & Others have opened their shutters with hopes to revive their fortunes. People have also begun to oblige them with their break-free presence as is apparent from media reports of over-crowding malls & markets.

But how much is too much?

States shall lock and unlock but people need to behave and shall have to be judicious in deciding that! “How much” could mean inviting possible trouble? Is it as simple as “Go out only if you must” or as difficult as deciding “Is it worth the risk”?

The key to above decision probably lies in whether the “purpose” of such a visit is essential enough, for us to add to that complacent crowd of people, many among which could possibly spread infection amongst the rest.

No one can decide for anyone. Each one decides for oneself, but remember! One’s complacency is what shall decide one’s own safety and well being and that of one’s family and peers… and for that matter, even of strangers.

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